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UK-based fintech startup Lanistar goes global by adding two more offices in Dubai and Sao Paulo

In a bid to increase its global reach and foster continued growth, the London-based financial technology startup Lanistar has opened two new offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Brazil, thus expanding its presence to three continents.

As it happens, Lanistar is now larger by an office in Dubai and Sao Paulo, respectively, where it aims to extend, in the words of its employees on Glassdoor, its “open and welcoming atmosphere” and workplace positivity that fosters professional growth, according to the press release shared with Finbold on May 3.

This is also how its newly opened offices are described – as examples of growth and thriving office spaces despite their relative infancies, which, similarly to its long-established London office, reflect the brand’s individual way of operation and commitment to a positive workplace environment.

Lanistar’s competitive edge 

This way, the company plans to capitalize on more direct access to audiences in the Middle East and Brazil, the regions that are considered among the largest hubs for the development of fintech and alternative financial technologies, positioning itself in prime industry territories.

According to Lanistar, this bold step of establishing a presence in new regions arrives at a time when many other similar companies still generally continue to refrain from venturing outside of their ‘home-turf’ continent, placing the fintech company in a positive comparative position.

Finally, the startup said, with this development, it is moving further away from the challenging experiences it grappled with in late 2020, when it was plagued by negative press reporting and pushing towards bankruptcy. Now it plans to continue its expansion to additional areas under the motto ‘Persistence Beats Resistance’.

Lanistars success in the LATAM region is a far cry from this period in the startups history. In the time since the products launch in Brazil, the platform has amassed a significant customer base, with the last three months showing significant growth. Also, according to reports from the company, Lanistar intends to launch a full banking service in the United Kingdom this year. All of these efforts are being done in an attempt for the fintech to reach its 2023 goals, which it hopes to achieve in part through these global expansion efforts.

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