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US accounts for 73% of all live Shopify eCommerce websites worldwide at 1.09 million

US accounts for 73% of all live Shopify eCommerce websites worldwide at 1.09 million

The United States advanced eCommerce industry is now more evident based on the number of businesses on the Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) platform from the region.

Data acquired by indicates that the United States accounts for the highest number of live Shopify eCommerce websites worldwide at 1.09 million, representing a 73.24% share. As of November 2020, there were 1.49 million live Shopify websites globally. 

The United Kingdom has the second-largest share at 58,954 or 3.9%, with Australia accounting for the third-largest number at 42,849. Canada hosts the fourth-largest number of live Shopify websites at 34,454, while Germany closes the top five categories at 23,111.

Other countries with a considerable number of live Shopify websites include France (18,806), Netherlands (12,331), Brazil (9.466), New Zealand (9,317), and India (7,511).

Health crisis pushed more businesses to Shopify  

The eCommerce sector has grown in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most businesses moved their operations online in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. Businesses that didn’t have eCommerce structures easily turned to Shopify due to convenience. To help accommodate the growing number of entrepreneurs, Shopify incentivized businesses by introducing gift cards and other features to enable in-store collection.

Shopify has remained resilient in the past difficult economic times. This explains why more traders are on the platform even in the wake of the coronavirus induced recession.

Shopify offers technology for anyone to set up a store and sell their products online. The platform enables websites to have a visible end to the processing capabilities necessary to add the stock, track inventory, and complete sales. Shopify is affordable and most preferred by small- to medium-size brands in the United States. 

Surprisingly, despite Shopify being a Canadian firm, it has enormous popularity in the United States. Notably, Shopify has traditionally operated with a mindset focused on the US and Canada. The platform’s initial set to support the English version has been attributed to Shopify’s popularity in the US. 

The popularity of Shopify is linked to recent upgrades to the platform. The company launched Shop, the Shopify consumer shopping app. The app is tailored to save stores from building their own and serves up product recommendations to users about brands they are interested in. With this feature, Shopify has moved to the limelight posing competition to platforms like Amazon

Generally, Shopify’s impact on eCommerce is expected to remain disruptive.

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