US renewable energy services provider to build $2.4 billion data center with Bitcoin mining

US renewable energy services provider to build $2.4 billion data center with Bitcoin mining
9 months ago
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One of the most significant projects in the history of Abilene will be undertaken together with Houston-based energy technology and infrastructure firm Lancium.

Indeed, the carbon-neutral computing service provider Lancium announced on December 21 that it planned to spend $2.4 billion over 20 years to construct a large-scale, renewable energy-powered data center facility in Abilene and Taylor County, according to an official press statement.

Abilene is a city in Central Texas located about six hours northwest of Houston and two and a half hours north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Datacenter to host Bitcoin mining

Lancium wants to generate 57 full-time jobs and establish a “Clean Compute Campus” across 800 acres in Abilene and Taylor County. In particular, this new initiative will help establish the area as a significant source of renewable energy and a host for Bitcoin mining and other energy-intensive activities.

With construction set to begin in early 2022, the facility would initially feature 100,000 square feet of industrial electric services equipment and data servers upon completion. Initially, the project will begin with a capacity of 200 megawatts and will be able to scale up to more than 1 gigawatt.

Lancium co-founder and CEO Michael McNamara stated:

“We are very proud to be part of the community and build one of our flagship Clean Campuses in Abilene.”

While Misty Mayo, the president and CEO of the  Development Corporation of Abilene, said:

“Over the next 20 years, this project is estimated to bring $993.4 million in total projected economic impact to Taylor County and the City of Abilene.”

The news follows former South Carolina gubernatorial candidate John Warren who launched a new Bitcoin mining company dubbed GEM Mining on December 15. The firm is expected to become the biggest mining organization in the state of South Carolina. Amid an ongoing drive by numerous states in the United States to expand the cryptocurrency industry.

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