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We asked ChatGPT what will be XPeng (XPEV) stock price for 2030

We asked ChatGPT what will be XPeng (XPEV) stock price for 2030

XPeng (NYSE: XPEV) is a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer that has been growing rapidly in recent years. The company has a strong focus on innovation, with a number of cutting-edge technologies and features incorporated into its vehicles, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving capabilities.

In terms of sales and community strength, XPeng has been expanding its presence in the Chinese market, which is the largest EV market in the world. Looking ahead, XPeng has ambitious plans for expansion both domestically and internationally. The company has announced plans to launch new models and expand its production capacity, which could further increase its market share and revenue. 

Additionally, XPeng has been exploring new markets beyond China, such as Europe. Given the developments around the firm, Finbold turned to the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT to suggest a likely pricing range for XPEV stock by 2030. Although the tool was unable to give a definitive price range, it did note the following:

“The future performance of XPeng’s stock will depend on a wide range of factors, including the success of its growth strategy, advancements in its technology and product offerings, competition within the EV market, and macroeconomic conditions.”

XPEV stock price prediction

Many factors, such as the AI conversation tool, deep learning algorithms, and stock market experts, are needed to anticipate the price range of future transactions.

To compare with ChatGPT’s assessment, Finbold compiled predictions from CoinPriceForecast, a financial prediction tool that uses machine self-learning technology, to calculate the price of XPEV shares in 2030. 

The latest long-term projection predicts that XPeng share price will reach $38.27 by the end of the2030, representing a 286% increase from today’s price. This estimate was collected on March 22.

2030 XPEV price prediction: Source: CoinPriceForecast

XPeng has been assigned a recommendation of ‘buy’ by the majority of analysts working on Wall Street. Significantly, 18 analysts of the 35 have recommended a “strong buy,” while five have advocated a “buy.” Seven analysts had given a ‘hold’ rating and five a ‘strong sell.’

The average price projection for XPEV stock for the next 12 months is $9.36; this objective represents a 5.56% downside from its current price. It’s interesting to note that the maximum price forecast for the next year is $15.98, representing a gain of 61.23% from the stock’s current price of $9.91 after XPeng climbed +$0.76 (8.31%) by the end of trading on March 21.

Wall Street XPEV 12-month price prediction: Source: TradingView

The downtrodden XPEV stock continued to build on its remarkable two-day gain on Tuesday, March 22, with the rally starting when management reported on a March 17 earnings call that new orders had increased by a factor of two compared to the previous month of January.

The Chinese EV stock jumped, brushing aside a rumor of shift reduction by Chinese EV major BYD (BYDFF). While demand decreases in the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for electric cars, XPEV stock climbed while BYD stock slid down.

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