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Whales Ditching Toncoin & Stellar (XLM) Protocol—Is BlockDAG the Next with 1120% Surge Post-Dashboard Revamp?

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Toncoin and Stellar (XLM) Protocol deals with varying fortunes in the wild world of cryptocurrency, enduring market pressures while remaining resilient. While Toncoin struggles to surpass key resistance levels, Stellar continues to enhance its network efficiency through its latest updates, aiming to stay competitive. 

Amidst this, BlockDAG rises prominently, with a dashboard revamp that improves user experience and drives an impressive 1120% surge in coin value. This development highlights BlockDAG’s potential to influence the broader crypto landscape significantly, shifting the focus towards its innovative approach.

Toncoin Price Tests Resistance

Toncoin price recently rebounded to $8.1 but failed to breach the crucial $8.3 level, falling back under $7. The RSI indicates that Toncoin is nearing oversold conditions, with recent values between 33.25 and 36.19. This suggests that Toncoin price may be undervalued, potentially setting the stage for a recovery if bullish factors align.

Despite the pullback, the 50-day Moving Average supports the Toncoin price, hinting at ongoing market backing. Additionally, a high 84% of TON holders are profiting at current levels, reflecting strong investor confidence. 

Streamlining Stellar Protocol 21 Update

Stellar (XLM) Protocol has introduced Protocol 21, enhancing network efficiency and reducing costs. Key updates include CAP-0053.2, which improves contract instance management and optimises fee distribution. These changes help maintain the Stellar (XLM) Protocol as a competitive blockchain network.

Additional updates like CAP-0054 and CAP-0055 reduce CPU usage and simplify virtual machine operations, enhancing transaction scalability. CAP-0056 introduces caching mechanisms that streamline contract executions. These improvements solidify Stellar’s (XLM) Protocol commitment to innovation and user experience in the digital currency space.

BlockDAG’s Dashboard Revamp Skyrockets Sales and Coin Value to 1120% 

BlockDAG, the top layer 1 crypto, has enhanced its dashboard with several user-friendly features to boost interaction and sales. The main page now prominently displays the latest news, keeping users well-informed at first glance. The dashboard allows users to track their rankings and see the steps needed to reach the next level, giving them a competitive edge. The wallet feature consolidates all financial activities, making it easy to manage balances and transactions. A leaderboard next to the wallet highlights top spenders, spurring user competition.

The transactions section offers a detailed view of past activities and real-time updates, supporting various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, BNB, and Bitcoin. This flexibility helps users tailor their transaction methods. Users are categorised into tiers like Crab, Tortoise, and Whale based on their investments on the leaderboard page, motivating increased financial participation.

Users can easily update personal details and security settings on the profile page, ensuring a tailored and secure experience. These upgrades to BlockDAG’s dashboard have made the platform more intuitive and engaging, significantly boosting sales. As a result of these enhancements, BlockDAG’s coin price soared from $0.001 to $0.0122 across 18 batches, raising $53.2 million by selling over 11.7 billion BDAG coins.

Last Call

As BlockDAG ascends with its revolutionary dashboard features and impressive coin value increase, the cryptocurrency community keenly watches the potential long-term impacts on the broader market. This shift underscores the importance of innovation and user engagement in driving value within the crypto space. 

While Stellar and Toncoin recalibrate their strategies in response to their own challenges, BlockDAG’s ascent illustrates the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency markets, where today’s underdog can become tomorrow’s leader. 

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