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XDB CHAIN announces launch of CBPAY Airdrop and a major tech ecosystem partnership in the travel Industry boosting RWA adoption

Press Releases

London, UK, April 9th, 2024, Chainwire

CBPAY Token Airdrop campaign launches on XDB CHAIN in conjunction with the announcement of a major travel payments partnership between Coinbar and Tech scale up Utravel by Alpitour Group. 

In a pioneering move set to redefine the intersection of the cryptocurrency and travel sectors, XDB CHAIN is thrilled to unveil the launch of the CBPAY Airdrop. This groundbreaking development is part of a broader initiative, announcing a major tech ecosystem partnership in the travel industry, highlighting a collaborative effort with Coinbar and Utravel, Tech Scale up by Alpitour Group

About Utravel and Alpitour Group

Utravel is a GenZ focused Tech Scale Up company of Alpitour Group, It has experienced rapid growth due to its deep understanding and innovative responses to the unique needs of this age group and it has swiftly become a key player for its target market, forming an active community of travelers, content creators, and photographers. This community is united by the pursuit of economically accessible travel that resonates with their identity and values. For the generation born between 1995 and 2012, travel is a top priority, characterized by a quest for authentic experiences that foster a connection with the world and its communities.

Alpitour Group embodies innovation and excellence by standing at the forefront of Italy’s travel industry, one of the biggest in the world. Operating in over 30 countries with a network spanning more than 2,500 points of sale worldwide, Alpitour Group has established itself as a titan in the field, boasting a turnover of €2.0 billion. The group’s extensive portfolio, which includes tour operations, hotel management, and airline services, underscores its dedication to providing superior travel experiences, marked by quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions that make travel more accessible and enjoyable.

CBPAY Airdrop: A Gateway to the Digital Payment Revolution

The CBPAY Airdrop signals a key advancement in digital payments, providing users with an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology landscape. CBPAY Airdrop aims at distributing CBPAY tokens to a wide audience, the Airdrop seeks to facilitate the adoption and use of digital payments across various platforms and services within intrinsic utility leveraged by CoinbarPay platform.

Airdrop participants will gain first hand exposure to CBPAY’s integration capabilities for travel bookings through Utravel, designed to incentivize early adopters and foster a broader acceptance of cryptocurrency transactions in daily life. This initiative is geared towards educating and engaging a global audience in the digital payment revolution and it is expected to launch in June 2024.

For additional information on the CBPAY Airdrop and to understand the complete terms and conditions, interested individuals are encouraged to visit


Strategic Development and Embracement of Real World Assets (RWA)

The strategic collaboration between Coinbar and Alpitour Group’s Tech Scale Up brand Utravel marks a significant milestone in the application of Real World Assets (RWA) within the blockchain ecosystem and particularly within XDB CHAIN, in the brand new blockchain asset category RWA. This partnership, enabling the utilization of cryptocurrencies for travel bookings, not only demonstrates the tangible application of digital currencies but alsostrenghten the position of XDB CHAIN’s in the RWA landscape. Leveraging XDB CHAIN’s advanced technology, fast and seamless transactions, perfectly aligning with the dynamic needs of contemporary travelers.

Youth tourism industry as a driving force

Youth tourism is a market segment experiencing strong growth, with a global value estimated at over $340 billion in 2023. According to the World Tourism Organization, travelers under 35 account for 20% of all international tourists, and their spending is increasing by 5% annually. 

Expanding Horizons with Binance Partnership

This initiative gains further momentum with the recent announcement of the CoinbarPay and Binance partnership, extending its potential reach to Binance’s 175 million users worldwide. This collaboration not only showcases the scalability and promise of cryptocurrency payment solutions but also marks a significant leap towards mainstreaming digital currency use in the travel sector and beyond.

Envisioning the Future

This landmark partnership announcement represents a bold step forward in the fast forward development of RWA and in the real world integration of digital payments within the travel industry, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility to travelers worldwide. As digital and physical realms continue to converge, these developments stand as a testament to the spirit of advancements driving the future of Real World Assets on the blockchain, of the travel industry and the web3 transactions as a whole.


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