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XRP and Bitcoin Spark: The Tale of Two High-Potential Cryptocurrencies

Press Releases

The digital currency market is catalyzed by macro and microeconomic factors. The asset class experiences high volatility and is often labeled among the investment vehicles with the highest rates of return on invested capital. Despite the industry’s potential to grow, financial watchdogs and regulators worldwide have showcased their interest in regulating digital assets to impede their growth and adoption due to their decentralized nature. One platform that fell victim to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulatory pressure is Ripple Labs, the organization behind XRP. 

What is XRP?

XRP is a high-performance blockchain network developed by Ripple Labs to settle cross-border transactions for institutions such as banks. XRP exists on the Ripple network, the underlying blockchain developed by Ripple Labs. RippleNet is the platform’s payment network designed to mediate bank transactions at a faster and cheaper rate. Computer engineers David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto are credited for designing and developing Ripple infrastructure. After the network launched, the SEC initiated a years-long legal battle that termed XRP unregistered security after the network raised billions of dollars from investors. The case ended recently in Ripple’s favor.

Bitcoin Spark issued a lucrative deal for investors

Cryptocurrencies such as XRP and Bitcoin Spark have massive potential to outperform other crypto assets in the seemingly incoming bull market. The Bitcoin Spark team is dedicated to making the platform the best Bitcoin alternative in the industry by bringing massive utilities and functionalities to blockchain users. Bitcoin Spark aims to solve the underlying challenges and growth inhibitors on major blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Spark bears an ongoing ICO event and is distributing its native BTCS tokens at an affordable price of $2.50 for each token. The devs intend to distribute 4 million tokens in the entire ICO event, which is currently in phase 5. The team is giving a 9% bonus to all participants who buy BTCS tokens during the ongoing phase. Once phase 5 ends, the BTCS price tag will increase, and the bonus for early adoption will reduce. 

The platform also has an incoming Gold Seal ICO bonus event to appreciate a significant milestone of raising $1.4 million since the ICO started five weeks ago. To celebrate this milestone, new BTCS users will get an additional 125% bonus until the team distributes 75,000 BTCS tokens. This means that the bonus event, set to begin on 16th September at 1 pm UTC, will end after 75,000 BTCS tokens have been distributed. Due to the limited supply of tokens, the first participants will be the first beneficiaries. 

Bitcoin Spark will utilize a new consensus model called proof-of-process that combines proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. Proof-of-process will alloy mining and staking activities on the network, allowing validators and miners to earn BTCS tokens while approving transactions and validating new blocks.  

The platform intends to storm the DeFi sphere through a modern marketing technique called innovative disruption. This strategy will focus on establishing trust for the Bitcoin Spark brand and simultaneously capture the attention of investors, online entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and institutions looking to profit from the growing DeFi arena.

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