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10 Investment Ideas for a Profitable Portfolio

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If there’s one investment rule that even a novice in the field would know, it’s that you need to build a diversified portfolio to sustain your investments in the long run. While some investment options are much less risky than others, they might give you a hard time on some days. You can think of it as the strategy of ‘spreading bets’ that you might use at a no deposit bonus casino in Canada on Slotozilla.

The Best Investment Ideas for You

We have compiled a list of ten investment options for you to add to your portfolio as a means to diversify it. Not all of these options will be the right fit for everyone, so be sure to research which of these fit your particular needs.


Stocks are usually the first to come to mind when someone thinks of investments. The best way to maximize your potential earnings is to invest in stocks in multiple companies after getting an idea regarding their performance. Stocks protect your money from inflation and taxes and offer more significant gains over the long run. The two standard options that most Canadian investors go for are common shares or preferred shares.

Common Shares Preferred Shares
May pay dividends Often pays higher dividends
Higher risk Lower risk
Higher returns Lower returns
Chosen for capital gains Chosen for income

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a portfolio of investments with a passive investment style. Mutual funds come with built-in diversification, which is why many experts consider them to be a safer option than stocks. According to Nasdaq, high-performing, large-company stock mutual funds have offered gains as high as 12.86% in the last 20 years, which makes mutual funds an attractive choice for those seeking higher returns.


Bonds tend to provide a predictable stream of income, which is why they are a preferred choice for many. They have less volatility, less risk, and consistent returns. You can also expect bonds to perform well when stocks are in decline. As interest rates fall, bond prices rise.


Real estate is a good investing option because you can utilize it to generate consistent cash flow. Rental income, appreciation, and on-property business activities can all contribute to your income in the long term and in a stable manner. Real estate income also offers several tax benefits and becomes a passive source of income, which is why it is valued by several investors.


Cryptocurrency is one of the newest market options that people can invest in, but we’re also not as aware of them as we are of the other options on this list. However, crypto does offer a transparent and safe investment source, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular. It is highly accessible, and transactions are pretty cost-effective.

Exchange Traded Funds

These are a type of investment funds traded on stock exchanges. They own other financial assets such as stocks, currencies, bonds, etc. ETFs are a good option because they can provide exposure to several stocks from an industry as well as other asset classes such as currencies and commodities. They come with lower fees and limited capital gains tax, which makes them a sustainable option for many individuals, much like Ice Casino no deposit bonus codes for existing players.


Commodities are the best to invest in before inflation strikes, but it can also be tricky to figure out the time period for that. Some of the best options in Canada are agricultural commodities, energy commodities, and metals. However, do remember that commodities can be a volatile investment option.

Art and Collectibles

Art and collectibles are some of the tougher options to crack, but they can prove to be quite useful as a way of diversifying your portfolio. These include luxury options like watches or cars or vintage collectibles such as art and paintings. They are illiquid compared to other options on this list, which is something to note. However, a massive benefit of this investment choice is that it can remain stable even during economic uncertainty, as art usually does not vary with the financial market.

Certificates of Deposit

This is like a savings account that pays you a fixed interest rate on a particular amount for a specific agreed-upon period of time. Because the rate is fixed over time, these are some of the safest investment options out there. There is no fear of fluctuation, and it’s a source you can safely rely on, much like free slots at However, the downside to that safety is that you might not always get the best return for your money, which is something to be mindful of.

Fixed Annuities

These are types of insurance contracts that offer a guaranteed rate of interest on your contributions as well as a guaranteed income later on. Fixed annuities are quite easy to understand and provide a predictable and guaranteed return for the future, which is why they’re a great investment choice for retirement. The growth is slightly limited, and there may be certain penalties for earlier withdrawals, which is why it’s best to consider this as a source for the long run.

In a Nutshell

It may take you some time to get a firm grasp on the right investment choices for yourself, but it’s always the best option to have at least a few of them. Creating a diversified investment portfolio is a much more stable choice as compared to relying on just one option.


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