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3 Coins to Watch in February: $LINK, $INJ and $GFOX

Press Releases

Following a challenging start to the year, this new month is expected to crypto prices recover again. Pundits expect reduced market volatility and a much-improved recovery rally. $LINK, $INJ, and $GFOX are crypto coins expected to perform better, making them excellent investment options. 

Galaxy Fox’s Presale Allocation Almost Sold Out 

The Galaxy Fox’s ship is set to sail to its retail phase, leaving early investors as potential biggest gainers. The meme coin has sold 97% of its stage 7 tokens and will enter the next stage with an improved value. Hence, new investors have little time to purchase the presale token at a bargain. Galaxy Fox has shown great potential, drawing interest and attention from crypto enthusiasts. It is among the expected best new crypto coins this year, and investors are up for high rewards from the meme coin. 

Galaxy Fox boasts unique features and utility. This trait puts it above other meme ICOs, increasing its prominence and adoption rate. The meme coin is among the few with utility and multiple use cases. Hence, enthusiasts can expect it to maintain its market relevance for long. $GFOX is not looking to add to the number of existing meme coins. Instead, it aims to be a top meme coin by providing essential utilities across different sectors. 

Galaxy Fox will feature a web3 game that will add thrills to its fun side. It will adopt a play-to-earn mechanism to reward players, ensuring they earn as they play. Galaxy Fox will have its NFTs collection. The NFTs will play an essential role, such as boosting players’ attributes to increase their winning chances. Users can acquire Galaxy Fox NFTs through challenging quests, cosmic events, or the vibrant interstellar marketplace. The NFTs are excellent digital assets that holders can trade for profit. 

Galaxy Fox presale is close to its end, but now’s still a good time to invest in the meme coin. The potential profit remains high as the $GFOX gears up for a profitable retail rally. 

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$LINK is one of the top-performing altcoins this month. At press time, the token is up by 40% in the last 30 days and 30% in the last seven days per Coinmarketcap. $LINK’s recovery is proceeding impressively, with the altcoin setting a new year-high. The altcoin has rallied beyond its $17.85 previous 52-week high, setting $19.68. $LINK is expected to break into the $20 price zone soon, but it must first break the barrier at $19.75. 

The cryptocurrency is the 7th most traded altcoin by daily market volume currently. Its 24-hour volume is around $1,158,947,307, increasing over 97% from the previous day. $LINK’s market cap is also up by 5%, as all metrics show a bullish sentiment. Pundits expect a prolonged bull control, indicating that $LINK’s upward rally May last a while. The cryptocurrency could reach a $25 market price if it breaks its nearest resistance. 

Injective ($INJ) Eyes Improved Price Action After Massive Decline 

$INJ had an impressive rally in 2023, moving from $3.61 around April to $43.3 around Christmas. The cryptocurrency yielded a high year-to-date profit, drastically improving early investors’ portfolio yield. $INJ continued its good run in the first week of the year, setting a $45.19 ATH (all-time high). However, it has been in a downtrend since then, with a 17% decrease in the last month, according to Coinmarketcap. 

Developers’ actions and greater adoption may improve $INJ’s price action as the month progresses. The Injective network recently had a new feature called “Gas compression” integrated. This feature is expected to reduce transaction costs in the crypto space, putting every transaction at near-zero cost. 

Injective Lab’s statement revealed that transactions will cost between 0.00001 INJ or $0.0003, and minting  1000 NFTs will cost as low as $0.30. This feature will gradually increase Injective’s adoption and contribute to its upward price action. At the time of writing, $INJ exchanges hands at $32.13, but pundits speculate a return to $40+ by month’s end. 


Many crypto coins look set to embark on an impressive recovery run this month, leaving investors on high alert. $GFOX’s high-profit prospect makes it the better commitment, and it’s set to reward proactive investors. 

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