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3 Cryptocurrencies To Monitor As Expert Predicts Market Recovery After Halving

3 Cryptocurrencies To Monitor As Expert Predicts Market Recovery After Halving
Press Releases


  • SUI is set to feature AI algorithms in its network. 
  • Toncoin flips top crypto coins to rank 8th on CoinMarketCap.
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is bringing DeFi to the market through a different route.

These two top altcoins left it till very late in the run-up to Bitcoin’s halving to pump, but they sure are riding the bullish trends already. SUI (SUI) and Toncoin (TON) are experiencing real growth, courtesy of their respective communities. We are about to see the changes to the SUI and TON altcoin prices soon. And a new meme coin–Milei Moneda ($MEDA)–is joining them for the bull run.

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SUI Matches up With TikTok Partners for AI Solutions

Since making crypto news headlines on handheld gaming devices, Sui has joined the list of best cryptos to buy this year. There has been a series of developments for SUI, and its DeFi coin price is sure to rise in the short term.

This time, the fresh news is SUI’s link-up with BytePlus for AI algorithms. Mysten Labs is fresh from building and designing a Web3/Web2 gaming device, and the Sui developers are gunning for yet another round of features on SUI’s ecosystem.

Between the FDUSD stablecoin expansion and the anticipated AI tools, the SUI altcoin price has leaped further into the green. Even though the token is down about 17% in the monthly timeframes, SUI has gone up by 13% in the past couple of days.

Toncoin Still in the Race for Profits in 2024

The best altcoins are yet to show this year, and it will be a tight race once the effects of the Bitcoin halving kick in fully. Toncoin has already been on back-to-back spotlight announcements in the past few weeks, and the developers are teasing users with yet another release. 

The new release will come right after TON Foundation made its meme coin utility, Memelandia. Memelandia helps meme coins reach institutional traders despite their poor PR. With Toncoin supporting meme coins, TON might be up for more profits than investors anticipated.

And TON is already on its way there. The monthly timeframes state that TON has surged by 20% as investors gain more confidence in Toncoin and its prospects. TON is down by 10% on a weekly basis, but after Bitcoin’s halving, Toncoin might be one of the altcoins to buy this time.

Milei Moneda Joins the Top Altcoins With Prospects and Presale

One sure way to win the game of profits is to offer real-life utility. DeFi coins have hacked that–and that’s why they rule the top altcoins charts. Well, it’s time a meme coin stepped up to the challenge, and Milei Moneda is taking it up rather seriously.

DeFi projects are about to be essential to $MEDA’s run in the crypto-verse. According to the token plan, the community of Milei Moneda users will decide how and which governance proposals make it to the platform. With innovation as the watchword on $MEDA, you can trust that only the best DeFi projects will launch on Milei Moneda.

Apart from profits from DeFi, Milei Moneda is planning a route for exponential growth. Its deflationary policy ensures that 5% of the $MEDA tokens get burned every time a user spends them. This ensures that the altcoin price keeps rising, regardless of the prevalent waves, and Milei Moneda investors remain in the green.

Want to become a $MEDA investor today? Join the ongoing presale, get your tokens at $0.0125 before the Milei Moneda’s launch on Uniswap by May 21 at a token price of $0.020 which leaves investors with a chance of 60% return on their investment.

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