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3 Reasons Why Pullix Could Overtake KuCoin and As the Next Big Play for Retail Traders

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Recently, there has been hype about a new hybrid trading platform, Pullix (PLX). This DeFi platform is gathering attention and showing potential to become a key player in retail trading. Some experts are tipping that its native token value will skyrocket by 100x. Let’s look at why this Stage 2 presale project could evolve into a platform that overtakes KuCoin and

  1. Diversification 

Pullix (PLX) distinguishes itself from its competitors like KuCoin and by allowing the trade of all asset classes on one account. To clarify, while KuCoin and focus primarily on crypto and fiat pairings, Pullix taps into forex, gold, stocks, cryptos, and more. Also, traders will be able to access these assets all on one account – excellent convenience. 

For example, if you wish to enter the flourishing forex market, you can do so freely on Pullix. This market experienced a daily volume of $6.6T, as per the 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey.

Pullix’s wider asset class coverage is one of the deciding factors for why it could become a fan-favorite for millions of global retail traders. 

  1. Innovative Features

Pullix doesn’t just aim to compete; it aims to dominate the DeFi market. While the trading exchange is the main focus of the Pullix team, it has also introduced multiple components in its ecosystem. These components are sure to excite traders all over the world. 

  • Copy Trading: Powered by machine learning and AI-backed algorithms, Pullix introduces a cutting-edge feature that allows you to replicate the trades of the most successful traders in its ecosystem. 
  • Swaps: The Pullix Swap platform will bring fast token trading at low fees. It operates as a fully decentralized exchange, executing orders and trades through smart contracts while operating on an automated market maker (AMM) model. 
  • Trade-to-Earn: This concept revolutionizes reward mechanisms by instantly crediting traders with tokens regardless of their trade outcomes. 

The PLX native token will power all of these features. It will be the trading currency you can use on the platform. Moreover, if traders choose to hold it, they will receive exclusive access to certain assets, reduced trading fees, and more. 

Pullix’s commitment to continually evolving its platform could make it an appealing choice for those seeking an accessible trading environment.

  1. Community-Driven Approach 

Giving back to the community is the main objective of Pullix. For example, traders who stake the PLX token will get a percentage of the Pullix daily revenue. A token burn feature will also be implemented, increasing the demand (and value) for PLX. Meanwhile, those who become liquidity providers on Pullix can even stake other cryptos (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) for an agreed fixed interest rate. 

This emphasis on community may resonate strongly with retail traders seeking a platform that matches their needs and preferences.

Pullix (PLX): A Promising Contender

This emphasis on diversity, innovation, and giving back to the community makes Pullix a DeFi project that could overtake KuCoin and Countless investors think so, as Pullix has sold over 3.2M PLX tokens and raised $134,500 in Stage 2 of its presale. 

Anyone can purchase the PLX token for just $0.042 during this period. Those who bought it early on are now enjoying a 5% ROI. But, as the presale advances, this percentage will increase. In fact, demand is so high that experts foresee a 580% rise before its presale ends and another 100x growth after a Tier-1 CEX lists it. This makes Pullix the best crypto investment at the moment. 

If you think that luck is on your side, Pullix is also running a 1,000 PLX giveaway you can join now.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below: 

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