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5 Best Crypto ICOs to Invest in Now

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The ICO market is currently buzzing and rife with opportunity. Several presale projects have emerged and made spectacular gains in recent weeks.

With that in mind, this article provides the five best crypto ICOs to buy now. It analyzes trends, use cases, tokenomics, and expert opinions.

Based on our criteria, the best projects are Dogeverse, Slothana, Dogecoin20, 5th Scape, and eTukTuk. Let’s take a closer look at each.


Dogeverse’s ambitious venture has propelled it to ICO stardom as it raised $3 million in four days.

Its early success is no surprise to those who understand the meme coin market’s inner workings, with Dogeverse tackling one of its most pressing issues.

The project is the first-ever multichain Doge-themed crypto, launching over the six hottest smart contract-enabled blockchains.

Starting on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, the project will soon reach Solana, Base, and Avalanche.

This novel approach to interoperability offers a two-pronged benefit. On the one hand, it equips Dogeverse with unparalleled versatility, able to roll with the punches no matter which blockchain users choose to trade meme coins on.

On the other, it unifies the once-differential blockchains through one powerful meme coin. 

Its compelling use case and explosive presale success indicate a bright future for this new token. However, the price will rise throughout the ICO, with the next uptick in one day or when the total raise hits $3.4 million.

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While Dogeverse spreads across all the top blockchains, Slothana doubles down on Solana, the network that has become synonymous with high-octane meme coin presales.

The phenomenon started with Book of Meme, which raised $2 million and then became the fastest meme coin to a $1 billion market cap after its ICO. Slerf followed in its footsteps, also seeing unwavering success. 

However, Slothana has raised more than both of its heavyweight predecessors, laying the way for a high-potential exchange launch.

The lazy sloth-themed meme coin follows the same blueprint as BOME and SLERF, leaving much to the imagination while carrying a mysterious yet captivating allure.

But one thing stands out for this project and hints at the massive potential: Rumors are circulating that the Smog team is behind Slothana. Smog soared 100x to a $200 million market cap after launching in February.

Crypto sleuths quickly identified a connection between the teams, with Smog commenting on Slothana’s first-ever X post when it had under 50 followers.

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Dogecoin20 introduces a new domain of innovation, intertwining meme culture with cutting-edge financial models for sustained growth and community rewards.

The project encapsulates Dogecoin’s vibrant essence and “Do Only Good Everyday” philosophy while building on its shortcomings in other areas.

For instance, $DOGE20 has innate utility. Users can deposit their tokens in the project’s staking contract to generate passive rewards. There is a 46% APY currently in play, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

It also ushers in a capped supply of 140 billion tokens. This opposes Dogecoin’s infinite supply, which has been widely criticized for making DOGE inflationary and a sub-optimal long-term investment.

These benefits have sparked resounding interest among traders and investors, with the presale raising a staggering $10 million in its first week. However, the IEO is set for Doge Day (4/20), leaving potential buyers with little time to secure the presale.

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5th Scape

VR is quietly making its way to the crypto industry, and the new presale 5th Scape is a pioneer in the space, combining VR and blockchain to offer hyper-realistic gaming experiences.

The project will also launch its proprietary VR headsets and gaming chairs, illustrating a deep prowess within the 5th Scape team.

Aiming to provide unparalleled heightened experiences, 5th Scape’s first venture is a mixed martial arts-themed game called Cage Conquest. Players can engage in dynamic combat, a champion’s journey, strategic training, online championships, and more. 

Racing, soccer, archery, and cricket games will follow the initial venture.

The $5SCAPE presale has raised over $5 million so far, with investors drawn to its utility as well as price appreciation potential.

According to its website, the $5SCAPE token also offers lifetime free access to the ecosystem, exclusive in-game advantages, early access & community interaction.

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eTukTuk is a new electric vehicle-focused crypto striving to solve the world’s climate change issue.

The project will strategically place electric “tuk-tuks” and accompanying charging stations in developing nations worldwide, starting in Sri Lanka. It has partnered with Sri Lanka’s largest privately held company, Capital Maharaja Group, illustrating its commitment to achieving results.

Through its initiative, eTukTuk looks to minimize CO2 emissions, eradicate carbon-related health issues, and prevent financial disparity. 

What’s more, eTukTuk taps into the prevalent AI trend, harnessing the technology to maximize route efficiency and predictive maintenance on its physical infrastructure.

Its relentless ambition has not gone unnoticed. Leading media outlets like Bloomberg, Yahoo News, Cointelegraph, and NASDAQ have all covered the project’s promising use case.

The ICO has raised $3 million so far and is currently priced at $0.03. However, the presale price will rise in eight days, or when the total raise hits $3.2 million, so potential buyers should act fast.

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