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5 Best Meme Coins To Invest In Right Now – GME, AMC And More

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Legendary GameStop trader Roaring Kitty posting one “leaning forward” meme is all it took for meme coin prices to skyrocket. 

Roaring Kitty is the man behind the GameStop short squeeze in 2021. His dramatic return on X has resulted in GME and AMC stocks skyrocketing by 80% and 95% respectively. 

It is safe to say that the GameStop saga 2.0 is officially underway. In another X post, Roaring Kitty used a popular Peaky Blinders video to hint that more developments could be coming in the next few days. 

5 Best Meme Coins To Buy In The GameStop Saga 2.0

The GameStop saga could very well usher in the meme coin supercycle. Experts believe that it has the potential to draw in retail investors, a crucial factor required in kickstarting the aforementioned “supercycle”.


Smart-money traders highlight that a combination of large-cap tokens and new meme coins can help investors generate significant returns during the ongoing market frenzy. However, the question remains – which meme coins to buy?

We list the 5 best meme coins to buy – backed by experts – that can deliver outsized returns in the current bull rally. 

GameStop (GME)

GameStop isn’t just a stock for traditional investors. Meme coin enthusiasts can now buy the GME token on Solana, one that has been skyrocketing over the past few days. 

Indeed, the GameStop meme coin is up by over 2500% over the past 7 days, currently trading at $0.15. The token reached a peak market capitalization of $130 million, before a marginal pullback. 

According to the project website, the $GME coin pays homage to the original GameStop saga. It also aims to carry forward “the rebellion against financial titans”.

Considering that the GameStop mania is nowhere near over and Roaring Kitty is already hinting at more developments, the GME meme coin will remain one of the best meme coins to buy. 

Expect smart-money traders to buy the dip at every pullback. 

Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE)

There is a significant pent-up demand for high-potential meme coins and Dogeverse could be one of the tokens to deliver. 

Dogeverse has already caught the attention of crypto whales, with one whale investing over $183k into the meme coin last week. It is therefore no surprise that the Dogeverse presale has already raised over $15 million. 

This new meme coin could have the perfect strategy to capitalize on the ongoing frenzy. Dogeverse is the first meme coin that is live on six different blockchain ecosystems, including Ethereum, Solana, Base, Polygon, Avalanche and BNB Smart Chain. 

It is set to launch on the popular DEXs and CEXs of each blockchain, gaining maximum eyeballs. 

Popular crypto influencer TodayTrader believes that Dogeverse could be the next 1000x meme coin, owing to its revolutionary multichain utility. 

Sealana ($SEAL)

Popular crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury has tipped Sealana as potentially the best meme coin to buy now. 

He is also not the only one hyped about Seal’s price potential. The interest in this new meme coin is palpable in its presale, which has now raised close to $800k in the first few weeks. 

Sealana is a light-hearted satire on the stereotypical crypto degen. Its mascot is a redneck and overweight seal, too busy finding the next big Solana meme coin to get out of its mom’s basement. 

Crypto whales are not shy of investing heavily in a new meme coin, especially if it can make them laugh. In fact, popular trader Pixel recently espoused a new investment thesis, “If it makes me laugh, I’m buying.”

Sealana has also adopted an investor-friendly fundraising model. Interested buyers can now simply send $SOL tokens to the project wallet and receive $SEAL holdings as an airdrop. 

Alternatively, they can use the over-the-counter widget on the Sealana website


GameStop is not the only stock that has a meme coin equivalent. The AMC meme coin is also rallying on the Base blockchain, up 28000% today. 

The AMC stock also saw tremendous growth during the original GameStop saga, reaching an all-time high of $230. Comparatively, the stock is priced at just north of $10 and thus has significant growth potential. 

Meme coins are often excellent leveraged bets on another asset. It would not be surprising if the AMC coin continues its bullish trajectory in correlation with the AMC stock over the coming days, making it one of the best meme coins to buy. 

Pepe ($PEPE)

Meme coin investors have appeared to have identified Pepe coin as one of the tokens to buy, potentially due to its strong community backing. 

The frog-themed meme coin reached a new all-time high today, trading as high as $0.000011 before a marginal pullback. According to CoinGecko, the Pepe coin market capitalization reached north of $4.7 billion today. 

It remains the favourite meme coin for both smart-money traders as well as the retail crowd. As a result, experts believe that the Pepe price could trade much higher in the coming weeks. 

In fact, crypto influencer Plazma thinks that Pepe coin could become a top 10 cryptocurrency by valuation during this bull market.


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