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5 Cryptocurrencies That Could 100x in 2024

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The crypto market is filled with opportunities for massive gains – if you know where to look.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum grab most of the headlines, some of the biggest riches could come from lesser-known microcap projects flying under the radar.

Here are five new cryptos that analysts believe have what it takes to 100x in value in 2024.

1. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Let’s begin with a project that has drawn comparisons to some of crypto’s biggest meme coin success stories: Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE).

Don’t let the Doge-inspired branding fool you – this token boasts some serious catalysts.

For one, Dogeverse is uniquely positioned as a multi-chain token, meaning it will launch simultaneously across multiple major networks, including Ethereum, Solana, and Base.

This gives investors flexibility while removing the single-point-of-failure risks that have plagued other meme coin projects.

Then there’s Dogeverse’s high staking yields.

By locking up their DOGEVERSE, investors can earn passive income – with the APY set at a massive 153%.

Although not yet available on the open market, Dogeverse has already raised over $6.9 million through its ongoing presale.

With this figure rising every hour, investors may wish to keep an eye on this under-the-radar token due to its 100x price potential.

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2. Linear Finance (LINA)

Linear Finance (LINA) is a new DeFi project that could also 100x this year.

Despite receiving an array of top CEX listings and audits, LINA’s market cap remains a tiny $45 million, with its token price stuck at $0.0074.

What has traders excited is Linear’s vision of transforming traditional finance using blockchain tech.

The team is building out an ecosystem that provides access to synthetic assets and DeFi services.

This includes allowing stakers to earn rewards by supplying liquidity for LINA’s stablecoin, lUSD.

Now ranked as the #9 trending crypto on CoinMarketCap, LINA seems poised for a breakout year as its protocol continues rolling out new use cases and products.

3. Slothana (SLOTH)

Next, we have another project that’s been making waves in the meme coin space: Slothana (SLOTH).

This cannabis culture-inspired token built on Solana has the community buzzing over its potential.

The hype machine has kicked into high gear recently after Slothana passed the $10 million mark in its presale phase.

Since then, the developers have added a countdown to SLOTH’s DEX listing on the official website – which is slated to occur in just ten days.

But what’s driving all this excitement?

Beyond capitalizing on the novelty of a sloth-themed aesthetic, Slothana is also looking to leverage the hype of non-Ethereum meme coins.

The token even stands to benefit from the highly-anticipated halving event and “Doge Day” celebrations on April 20.

So, with a tiny market cap right out of the gates, the enormous hype has investors speculating that SLOTH could be another meme token with scope to 100x in value.

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4. Gaimin (GMRX)

Gaimin (GMRX) is a potential 100x play in the crypto-gaming space that traders may wish to keep an eye on.

Despite powering an entire Web3 gaming ecosystem, GMRX’s market cap remains at just $56 million.

However, this token could have enormous upside due to its deflationary model, which uses 100% of monetization rewards to buy back GMRX.

This approach, combined with GMRX’s utility for purchasing digital gaming assets and accessing enhanced platform features, could fuel more demand as Gaimin’s user base grows.

Helping this bull case is the 15% spike in spot trading volumes over the past day.

With a comprehensive approach to onboarding millions of traditional gamers to Web3, Gaiming could be another microcap token worth watching closely in 2024.

5. Mega Dice (DICE)

Rounding off our list of cryptos that could 100x in 2024 is Mega Dice (DICE).

This token aims to combine blockchain tech and online gambling by integrating into the Mega Dice casino, one of the web’s fastest-growing “GambleFi” platforms.

What makes DICE so compelling is its first-of-a-kind rewards system that allows stakers to earn a share of the casino’s daily profits.

By encouraging users to hold rather than just trade, this utility could drive significant demand.

Although it only launched this week, the DICE presale has already raised over $350,000 from investors.

And with an initial market cap that could be below $10 million, DICE appears to have massive runway ahead.

But it’s not just the low valuation that has piqued traders’ interest.

The developers also have ambitious plans, like limited edition NFTs and a revenue share referral program.

Add in the enormous $2,250,000 airdrop campaign, and DICE is shaping up as one of the top new tokens in the crypto gambling space.

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