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5 New Coinbase Listings to Watch This May

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As the crypto market teeters on another leg up, traders are poised with a myriad of opportunities for big gains.

However, one of the most lucrative strategies is buying cryptos before they are listed on tier-one exchanges. Once they get listed, they become available to millions of users who did not have access before, which often results in exponential price increases.

With that in mind, this article explores five new Coinbase listings to watch this May. Let’s get started.


Dogeverse is a pioneering meme coin and the first-ever Doge-themed cryptocurrency to launch on multiple blockchains.

His epic chain-hopping adventure has already started at presale, having raised a staggering $13 million so far. The presale is available on Base, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC. 

Indeed, Dogeverse’s relation to Coinbase’s Base network will undoubtedly appear on the exchange’s radar, but its widespread accessibility and unprecedented on-chain liquidity potential will also draw its attention.

Adding to the excitement, launching on the six hottest smart contract blockchains means that Dogeverse’s community growth could be sky-high. Indeed, this is something else that Coinbase will consider.

Another factor that Coinbase looks for is robust security, and that’s great for Dogeverse because it recently received a glowing third-party smart contact audit from Coinsult. 

The Dogeverse presale is ongoing, but it will soon launch on exchanges. As such, those looking to buy for a fixed, discounted price must act fast.


Toncoin is a top-10 cryptocurrency and the largest project yet to be listed on Coinbase. As such, it stands a strong chance of being listed on the leading exchange in the coming months.

The project has enjoyed a notably strong performance recently. It is currently trading at $6.28, up 8.1% today, up 24% this week, down 6.3% this month, and up 207% this year.

TON currently holds a $20.9 billion market cap and a $270 million 24-hour trading volume, up 40% today.

Toncoin is a Telegram-native blockchain that empowers the platform’s 900 million users to interact with dApps and hold cryptocurrencies.

This distinguishes Toncoin from any other cryptocurrency on the market and positions it at the epicenter of the emerging SocialFi trend.

One of Toncoin’s hottest new narratives is that it recently launched USDT on its network, claiming that it makes “cross-border payments instant, free, and as easy as sending a text message for Telegram’s 900 million users.”


The WienerAI presale stands as a frontrunner in crypto’s two hottest trends, offering a revolutionary blend of memetic enthrallment and AI-driven utility.

It is launching an AI-powered trading bot that delivers predictive, noob-friendly, and instant trading that is MEV-free.

This captivating use case and the project’s proximity to leading industry narratives suggest WienerAI could secure a Coinbase listing after its presale.

What’s more, the project introduces a staking layer, enabling holders to generate passive rewards and compound their investments. They can currently garner a 705% APY, but this will fall as the staking pool grows.

The project has raised an impressive $1.3 million so far, fueled by its high-octane use case and the allure of free crypto rewards.

However, the WienerAI presale also incentivizes investors to get in early, with the price incrementally rising as the campaign advances. The next uptick will occur in two days or when the total raise hits $1.6 million.


Brett is the leading meme coin on Coinbase’s new Ethereum layer 2 network, Base. Coinbase will want to stimulate Base’s adoption, and listing its top ecosystem tokens on the main Coinbase exchange would help attract new developers and investors.

Currently, Brett is trading at $0.03579, up 1% today and 15% this week but down 54% this month. 

It holds a $306 million market cap and a $7.9 million 24-hour trading volume, down 12% today.

Given the meme coin sector’s continuous prominence, Coinbase has begun paying more attention to the phenomenon, recently listing Pepe and Dogwifhat on its institutional-focused Coinbase International Exchange.

Going back to Brett being Base’s biggest meme coin, Coinbase’s growing interest in the sector increases the likelihood of a listing.

What’s more, analyst Crash noted that Coinbase is softly promoting Brett in alignment with its upcoming Coinbase Smart Wallet. He also speculated this could spell huge price potential for the meme coin.


99Bitcoins token is another project that looks primed for a Coinbase listing. It was launched by the prestigious 99Bitcoins media outlet in 2013 and boasts an extended audience of 2.8 million email and 700K YouTube subscribers.

Its resounding track record alone would be enough to secure a Coinbase listing. However, 99Bitcoins token is not resting on its laurels. Instead, it is ushering in a novel Learn-to-Earn platform that rewards users for learning about crypto.

Learners must hold $99BTC to access the platform, establishing an inherent utility and long-term demand stream. 

In addition, $99BTC holders get BRC20 tools and education, crypto trading signals, a VIP group, community staking rewards, and more.
It is currently available at presale. Investors can buy $99BTC today for $0.00104, but this will increase throughout the campaign, with the next uptick in four days or when the total raise hits $1.8 million.


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