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5 New Cryptocurrencies to Buy in May 2024

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With the Bitcoin halving complete, market participants are looking ahead to the widely anticipated price boom that has historically followed the four-yearly event.

While there’s no doubt that this will benefit well-known cryptos, solid newly launched projects could stand for the most gains.

Therefore, this article breaks down use cases, trends and narratives, prices, and much more, seeking to provide the new cryptos to buy in May 2024.

Our analysis found Dogeverse, Ethena, Wiener AI, Brett, and Mega Dice token are the best projects to buy. Let’s take a closer look at each.


Our top pick for the best new cryptocurrency to buy in May 2024 is Dogeverse. The project is currently experiencing spectacular momentum as it advances through its presale, recently surpassing the $12 million total raised mark.

Dogeverse is a meme coin like no other. The project is the first-ever multichain Doge-themed cryptocurrency. It is already live on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Base, and Avalanche and will soon launch on Solana.

This undoubtedly forges a distinction from other meme coins, helping establish a one-of-a-kind narrative to bolster its potential. However, it provides tangible benefits, too.

The multichain approach ensures widespread and indiscriminate accessibility, bolstering its liquidity potential while uniting the once-differential blockchain communities under the banner of one meme coin.

As such, Dogeverse is more protected from the fast-paced user migration between blockchains, which often suppresses the potential of meme coins.

The current Dogeverse presale price is $0.000304, but this will rise in one day.


Ethena is a decentralized finance protocol that offers a yield-generating stablecoin. ENA is the governance token, empowering holders to make decisions about the project’s future.

It is currently trading at $0.88, up 3.3% today, down 14% this week, and up 28% this month. The project holds a $1.2 billion market cap and a $390 million trading volume, up 31% today.

This reflects a deep investor interest, with its market cap making it the 69th largest crypto while its trading volume places it in the 18th highest spot.

In a bid to bolster its notoriety, Ethena has launched several giveaways and airdrops, partnering with leading centralized exchanges and DeFi protocols. To partake, users must hold and stake the ENA token, providing an added demand stream to help prop up its price.

Factoring in the potentially bullish upcoming market conditions, this could spell significant potential for the project.

Wiener AI

Wiener AI is a revolutionary new AI cryptocurrency packaged in the exterior of a meme coin. This approach is quietly becoming the gold standard of crypto marketing, masking revolutionary tech behind relatable and resonant consumer-facing products.

Other projects like Scotty the AI and Meme AI adopted a similar stance and saw massive market interest. However, Wiener AI looks to build where these projects left off, incorporating a slew of novel innovations.

Its cornerstone feature is an AI-powered bot that facilitates instant, predictive, and beginner-friendly trading. The bot is also free to use with zero fees and equips users with an almost unfair advantage over traders relying on legacy systems.

Wiener AI also incorporates a staking mechanism, encouraging users to contribute to the project’s stability and security while earning passive rewards. Staking is live in the Wiener AI presale, and users can garner a 68% APY, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.


Brett is the leading meme coin on Coinbase’s Ethereum layer 2 network, Base. The project launched in March and has seen notable success, becoming one of the market’s hottest meme coins.

Currently, Brett is trading at $0.039, down 17% today, 41% this week, and 50% this month. It holds a $334 million market cap and a $38 million 24-hour trading volume.

Its deeply discounted price from just one month ago could present a monumental buying opportunity should the project recover alongside the broader crypto market.

Analysts are vying in support of the project, with Max Schwartzman recently stating it is “miles ahead of its competition on Base.”

He then charted Brett against Dogecoin and anticipates the Base-native project would outperform DOGE in the coming months.

“Doge is the king meme coin. We only want to hold other memes if they can outperform Doge, and at this point, Brett looks rock solid,” he wrote.

Mega Dice Token

It’s not every day that a successful and highly profitable business launches its own cryptocurrency, but that is happening with Mega Dice. 

Mega Dice is an industry-leading crypto casino, and its new venture, Mega Dice token, will reward existing platform users while attracting new ones.

The token boasts innate utilities and will power the platform’s new gamification layer. 

While there are other crypto casino tokens on the market, Mega Dice token is the first to offer daily crypto rewards based on the casino’s success.

In addition, holders get access to limited edition NFTs, exclusive features, early bird bonuses, and a referral program.

Mega Dice rose to notoriety in 2023 after launching the first fully licensed Telegram casino. Resultantly, it currently boasts over 50K players with over $50 million in monthly wages.
Users can buy the Mega Dice token at presale but should act fast because the price will incrementally increase throughout the event.


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