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50X Potential Returns, Lifetime Access to VR Games and Content, And More Reasons 5th Scape Presale Shouldn’t be Missed

Press Releases

The crypto market is welcoming another path-breaking project. 

5th Scape introduces virtual reality (VR) capabilities to Web3 gaming, taking advantage of a suite of state-of-the-art features like immersive headsets, ergonomic chairs, and narrative soundtracks.

5th Scape is marking its entry to the market with the presale of its native token, $5SCAPE. Investors are flocking to the presale to seize the most affordable entry points into the VR sector, which has long been confined to large-scale investors. 

Holders of $5SCAPE tokens are entitled to complimentary access to a wide array of $5SCAPE products like games, educational content, animations, and movies. 

Virtual Reality Gaming Finds a New Ground

Virtual reality gaming is an exciting realm for users as well as investors. Its entry into the Web3 sector powered by blockchain has the potential to take it to new heights. The crypto market’s capability to offer a transparent and decentralized foundation for the transaction of money and data is currently unmatched. It is known for its fair and trustless nature that makes democratic coordination of global projects possible.

5th Scape’s ambitious goals needed a technology like blockchain to take its ecosystem to the masses. It not only makes global participation possible, breaking geographical barriers. It also opens the retail investment opportunity in the project to a wide range of investors from around the world, regardless of their budget. 

5th Scape is diligently curating an extensive collection of 3D VR games that are marked off by their engaging gameplay mechanics and narratives. Titles like MMA 3D, Cricket 3D, Soccer 3D, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter that promise thrilling adventures and simulations have made it to the list. 

The gripping games are complemented by a strategically selected array of sound effects and music tracks. The gaming quality and experience is further boosted by the integration of  VR headsets and chairs for ergonomic comfort. Establishing a solid foundation for the VR experience, 5th Scape sets a new benchmark in the industry. 

The VR industry has witnessed substantial growth across various domains over the last decades. Statistics indicate that the industry is poised for a 104.9% increase in new VR users by 2028. With the rising demand for immersive experiences and the ongoing technological advancements in VR, there are compelling investment opportunities in the industry. Needless to say, gaming will be one of the sectors to greatly benefit from the growth of VR technologies. 

Connecting the Smartest Minds Together

5th Scape introduces a Developer Center—a collaborative hub designed for cultivating creativity and advancement. It will be a destination for abundant resources, tools, and robust support systems for VR and crypto enthusiasts. 

Although the blockchain sector has been kind to the gaming industry, it has struggled to capture mainstream attention. The lack of focus on the gaming experience is to blame here. 

This is where 5th Scape steps in, with a fully doxxed team that identifies themselves as the architects of virtual reality rather than mere developers. Their goal is to usher in a new gaming era in Web3 that is second to none in terms of quality and gaming experience. 

Blockchain technology will allow users to trade virtual real estate, gaming assets, and artwork within the 5th Scape ecosystem and beyond using cryptocurrencies.

The marriage of play-to-earn, cryptocurrencies, and VR paves the way for decentralized economic models in the gaming sector. It opens up new horizons of innovation in the gaming industry, reshaping entertainment as we know it. Projects like 5th Scape can radically transform the way we interact with the world. 

Heavily Discounted Presale Leaves Large Room for Growth 

At the time of this writing, $5SCAPE, the native crypto of the 5th Scape ecosystem, is selling for just $0.00187 in the presale phase. 

The heavily discounted presale price of $5SCAPE token is further underscored by the listing price, which is expected to be at around $0.01, according to the website. The presale supports purchases in ETH, MATIC, BNB, and USDT. For people from India, payments using UPI are supported as well. 

Investors who manage to grab the token during its early presale stage are looking at compelling returns on the launch of the token. Factoring in the growing FOMO around the project, $5SCAPE is capable of giving anywhere from 10X to 12X returns to investors within the first three months of the launch. 

But the real potential of the project will unfold over time. If the VR ecosystem evolves as envisioned in the white paper and the roadmap, the project could enter the top-50 chart within two years. Being native to the Ethereum ecosystem, $5SCAPE will seamlessly integrate into existing decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and smart contracts. It has the potential to be the next big thing in the crypto play-to-earn sector. 

The $5SCAPE public presale has a $15 million target, spanning 12 rounds with increasing prices. The earlier an investor joins the presale, the lower the discounts. 



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