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7 Best Coins To Buy for the 2024 Crypto Bull Run

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With Bitcoin spot ETFs securing approvals and Bitcoin halving less than four months away, traders eagerly anticipate the upcoming crypto bull market and the monumental gains it could bring.

But some projects are bound to outperform others, and picking the right one could spell the difference between average and parabolic gains.

With that in mind, this article compiles the top seven cryptos to buy for the next bull run. We consider several impactful factors like price, use case, narratives, expert opinions, and more. 

Based on our analysis, the top projects to buy are Bitcoin Minetrix, Chainlink, Meme Kombat Injective Protocol, Render, Sponge V2, and Myro. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix is a compelling new presale introducing a “Stake-to-Mine” mechanism. This enables holders to earn Bitcoin by seamlessly staking the platform’s native token, $BTCMTX.

Users will deposit $BTCMTX into the platform’s staking contract for Bitcoin mining credits. They can then burn these credits for cloud mining power, translating to free Bitcoin.

This model is an iteration of cloud mining but builds on existing solutions through unrivaled security. Cloud mining faces critisism for centralization and scams, but the decentralized and transparent nature of $BTCMTX eradicates these issues.

Another problem $BTCMTX solves is that cloud mining providers traditionally require extensive upfront contracts and expensive costs, but Bitcoin Minetrix requires neither. 

Instead, users can exit the mining pool whenever they choose and can get started with just an Ethereum-compatible wallet and $BTCMTX tokens.

These benefits have drawn significant excitement, with the presale raising over $8.7 million so far. Furthermore, top analysts are backing it for success, with Jacob Bury recently predicting it could 100x after its presale.

But with a current price of $0.0129, potential buyers should act fast to secure the most upside potential. The price will increase throughout the presale, with the next uptick occurring in two days.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

Those looking for a proven crypto with tremendous upside potential should consider Chainlink. LINK achieved massive success in the last bull run, reaching a $22 billion market cap. 

However, Chainlink devs continued innovating through the bear market, and now Chainlink is equipped with several unprecedented use cases, presenting massive new growth potential.

Chainlink is priced at $15.14, down 5.31% today, 3.28% this week, but up 6.68% this month. LINK’s ATH is $52.88, to which it is currently down 71%.

It holds an $8.6 billion market cap and a $603 million 24-hour trading volume. This puts it as the 13th largest crypto by market cap but 10th largest by volume, showing strong bullish momentum.

One of Chainlink’s recent ventures includes Chainlink Cross-chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), which enables the seamless and secure transfer of data and liquidity between blockchains, providing added utility to LINK.

It also recently integrated Chainlink Staking v0.2, improving LINK’s tokenomics and introducing a burn mechanism to make the token deflationary.

More recently, Chainlink announced a new partnership with telecommunications provider Vodafone, which is another step towards Chainlink’s ultimate goal of onboarding the real world to the blockchain.

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is a GambleFi utility token-cross meme coin that provides several ways for users to earn crypto.

The project features a compelling use case, enabling users to gamble on AI-generated battles between meme coin characters. It hosts an augmented battle arena where users can watch and bet on the fights in a gamified and immersive way. 

This provides a fun alternative to traditional crypto gambling while benefiting from the viral allure associated with meme coins.

Furthermore, the project taps into the AI narrative, providing another potential stream of hype to bolster its price.

Meme Kombat also boasts a staking mechanism, providing a 133% APY. As well as incentivizing long-term holding, this furthers the token’s demand potential.

However, its fusion of robust tokenomics and an innovative use case are complimented by its team’s concentrated focus on security. Meme Kombat’s team is doxxed, with its founder’s information available on its website. It has also received a smart contract audit, attesting to its transparency and robust security.

These factors have made analysts highly bullish, with Michael Wrubel speculating it could 100x.

Meme Kombat is undergoing a presale, having raised over $7 millon. But with a $10 million hard cap, potential buyers should act fast to avoid missing out. 

Visit Meme Kombat Presale

Injective Protocol

Injective Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain focused on decentralized finance and interoperability. It enables users to manage assets from multiple blockchains from one wallet and features countless powerful dApps, facilitating lending and borrowing, trading, investing, and more.

It launched in 2020 but became one of the first prominent cryptos to make a new all-time high in this cycle, recently peaking at $45, over 2x higher than its May 2021 high.

INJ is down 7.4% in the last day, 5.9% this week, but remains up 18.44% this month. It holds a $3.1 billion market cap and a $161 million 24-hour trading volume.

One of the budding narratives surrounding Injective Protocol is that its total value locked has started to explode. 

Data from DeFiLlama shows Injective’s TVL is at its highest level since records began in 2022. This illustrates market participants are moving liquidity on-chain, signifying growing activity and bullish sentiment.

Meanwhile, the Injective Protocol website boasts impressive metrics like 415 million on-chain transactions,  a 0.9-second block time,  and an average transaction cost of $0.01.

The project also features a compelling burn mechanism, destroying a portion of the network’s transaction fees, thereby making INJ deflationary.

Sponge V2 

Amid the infamous rise of Pepe in the depths of the recent bear market, an unassuming meme coin called Sponge also achieved outsized gains, pumping 100x to a $100 million market cap.

It also secured listings on over ten prominent centralized exchanges and amassed 13K holders and 30K social media followers in its first few days.

However, the Sponge team has made a resurgence, seeking to provide its community with a second shot at 100x gains. The team recently announced the launch of Sponge V2, a next-generation meme coin with Play-to-Earn utility.

The project features a racing game where users can earn free crypto by playing and holding the $SPONGEV2 token. As well as incentivizing community participation, this will also bolster the Sponge V2 demand, attributing to more price potential.

The Sponge team’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, with the original Sponge price surging 99% in the past month.

That said, its market cap is currently just $19 million, providing massive room for growth to catch the top meme coins. For perspective, the fourth-largest meme coin, Pepe, currently holds a $499 million market cap – giving Sponge room for a 25x.

Sponge V2’s newfound utility and the team’s track record have drawn exciting predictions from top analysts. YouTuber Crypto Gains recently speculated that Sponge V2 could “100x like the first one did.”

Visit Sponge V2 Website


Render is a compelling cryptocurrency that harnesses unused computing power to render graphics in a decentralized, secure, and immutable manner. The use case prompted significant interest, causing its price to explode 628% this year.

However, it is down 3.5% this week and 1.4% this month. Currently, Render holds a $1.5 billion market cap and a $127 million 24-hour trading volume.

It is priced at $4.23, down 51% from its November 2021 ATH of $8.76.

The Render network can also host AI programs, providing a robust solution to the centralization issue of AI models. Meanwhile, enabling distributed graphics rendering means it will serve graphic-based blockchain projects, like metaverses and games.

According to its website, Render’s solution provides a more scalable alternative to centralized rendering. 

It also increases the efficiency of GPU mining hardware, which Render claims often sits idle while not in use locally.

Render connects GPU hardware (node) owners with artists and developers, creating a decentralized, peer-to-peer economy for computing power.

The RNDR token transfers value through the economy and nodes are required to stake the token. This creates signficant demand potential while benefiting from scarcity-driven supply-side dynamics.


After a massive run this month, Myro holds the number 2 spot on CoinMarketCap’s top trending list. It is a next-generation meme coin based on the Solana blockchain and has seen tremendous success this week.

Myro is up 28% in the last day, 144% this week and 1167% this month. Its current market cap is $215 million, with a $97 million 24-hour trading volume. This is a notably strong ratio of market cap to trading volume, illustrating strong bullish momentum.

Moreover, its $215 million market cap presents significant room for growth, with market leaders Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Bonk valued at $11.4 billion, $5.5 billion, and $807 million, respectively.

Furthermore, Myro boasts a notable advantage because it is the top utility-focused meme coin on Solana. It is the third-largest Solana meme coin, following Bonk and Dogwifhat, but it is the only one to provide holders with benefits.

For instance, Myro features a built-in trading bot, enabling users to snipe new Solana tokens quickly. Its website also explains there will be future utilities, including staking and other features that serve the community.

Another factor driving hype is an ongoing competition where ten winners receive $500 each. Myro announced the campaign last week amid its explosive run, with the tweet receiving over 300K views so far.


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