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7 Best Meme Coins in January 2024 – 7 Exciting New and Trending Meme Coins to Buy in January 2024


As the crypto market continues to evolve at a rapid pace, a batch of new meme coins is making waves, each bringing its unique set of features to the table. Seasoned crypto enthusiasts and crypto fans stepping into the meme coin space are keen on staying abreast of the latest trends in this sector and on identifying the trending meme coins and best meme tokens for January 2024.

This article zooms in on the latest meme coins, discussing fresh tokens like the rising popularity of ApeMax, a young meme coin with “Boost-to-Earn” staking mechanism, along with other trending and new tokens like Bonk, Coq Inu, and more. This article collects data from reputable platforms, including official coin websites and leading crypto charts and data aggregation websites.

7 Best Meme Coins – Top New and Trending Meme Coins in January 2024:

1. ApeMax (APEMAX)

ApeMax is at the forefront of the new meme coins, introducing its distinctive “Boost-to-Earn” staking mechanism that allows token holders to boost their chosen entities and potentially earn rewards. 

Currently in presale, ApeMax offers eligible buyers instant access to their purchased tokens, contributing to its traction in the presale phase. Eligible buyers of ApeMax tokens can also get Early Discount Loot Boxes for a limited time. 

2. Coq Inu (COQ)

Coq Inu, a meme coin with a chicken mascot, operates on the Avalanche C-Chain, boasting a total supply exceeding 69 trillion tokens. Originating from community efforts in 2023, COQ currently stands as the 11th largest meme token by market capitalization, valued at $103 million.

Top 7 Exciting New and Trending Meme Coins to Buy in January 2024

3. Bonk (BONK)

Breaking ground as the first dog-themed coin built on Solana, Bonk has a mission to enhance liquidity on decentralized exchanges within the Solana blockchain. Launched on December 25, 2022, Bonk has rapidly ascended in late 2023 and early 2024, overtaking Pepe coin to claim the position of the third-largest meme token by market capitalization while its price increased by over 40% over the last 30 days. 

4. Floki (FLOKI)

Drawing inspiration from Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu dog, Floki Inu has built an extensive ecosystem, including the immersive metaverse game “Valhalla” and its native DEX, FlokiFi. Trading at $0.00003175, Floki holds a market capitalization of $303 million. Floki has experienced a 0.50% price increase in the last 24 hours. 

5. Snek (SNEK)

Introduced on the Cardano blockchain, Snek positions itself as Cardano’s most laidback meme coin. With a community-driven approach and a market cap surpassing $104 million, Snek distinguishes itself by avoiding pre-mining and allocations, fostering collaboration among users.

Top Meme Crypto Coins Right Now

6. Memecoin by 9GAG (MEME)

Memecoin, initiated by the 9GAG group and developed by Web3 firm Memeland, allocates 95.8% to the liquidity pool and 4.20% for the team multisig. 9GAG previously launched several NFT collections. Memecoin aims to carve a niche in the meme coin landscape. Memecoin boasts a market cap of $217 million. 

7. Toshi (TOSHI)

Toshi is a young cat-themed meme coin, named after Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong’s pet, which also draws inspiration from the name Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. TOSHI currently holds the top spot among crypto tokens on the Base network.

What Sets Apart ApeMax from Other Meme Coins?

ApeMax stands out with its groundbreaking utility—the “Boost-to-Earn” feature. Unlike its predecessors, which heavily relied on social media and community backing, ApeMax’s innovative approach sets it apart in the fiercely competitive meme coin market.

Why are meme coins trending in 2024?

Meme coins are trending in 2024 for several reasons. As Altcoin popularity grows, so too has the popularity of the meme crypto genre. As altcoins and newer L1 chains with lower gas costs gain popularity, younger meme coins deployed on these faster and more affordable chains like Bonk on Solana, ApeMax on BSC, and Snek on Cardano have gained traction. As a popular altcoin genre, meme coins typically have a lower price per token, making them accessible to a wide range of qualified buyers. 

Will Meme coin season happen in 2024?

Predicting the specific trends of the cryptocurrency market, including whether a “Meme Coin Season” will happen in 2024, is challenging due to its highly volatile and unpredictable nature. However, early 2024 has played host to a revival in popularity of new meme coins, with many younger tokens quickly climbing the ranks. Moreover, meme coin presales, like that of ApeMax, also continue to remain popular in early 2024.

Top Meme Crypto Coins Right Now

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of the top meme coins and new meme tokens in January 2024, it’s clear that the meme coin sector remains a popular and intriguing aspect of the broader cryptocurrency and Altcoin markets. With innovative new coins like ApeMax’s “Boost-to-Earn” feature and the playful charm of coins on chains other than ETH like Coq Inu and Bonk, these tokens show the changing landscape of the meme coin space.

The evolving world of meme coins in 2024 offers a fascinating glimpse into the playful side of Web3. As the new year has arrived and potential bullish activity returns to the crypto market, it’s crucial to recognize that all meme coins and crypto tokens have high risks, can be extremely volatile, and that success is never a guarantee. 

Understanding associated risks and conducting thorough research is paramount before engaging in the crypto space, as cryptocurrency may not be suitable for everyone. This article does not offer financial advice. Readers interested in ApeMax can visit the official ApeMax website to review buying restrictions in specific countries.


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