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8 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in This June

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The crypto market is red-hot going into June, with several crypto majors approaching all-time highs and dozens of emerging tokens delivering 10x gains. That has investors and traders excited to find the next explosive token before it pumps.

There are dozens of candidates since blockchain development is happening at a faster pace than ever before. We’ve done the hard work of sifting through new and established crypto projects to find 8 tokens worth buying right now.

PlayDoge – Play-to-earn Meme Coin with $1.5m Raised in First Week of ICO

PlayDoge is one of the hottest new meme coins of the summer after raising more than $1.5 million in the first week of its presale. The project is now in the second round of its presale, offering investors a chance to buy the $PLAY token at a 7.5% discount to the planned list price.

PlayDoge is building a play-to-earn crypto game in which players can earn $PLAY tokens as a reward for taking care of a virtual doge companion. It’s a modern version of Tamagotchi, the 90s-era hit, complete with mobile apps, upgraded graphics, and crypto rewards.

The project’s early success has captured the attention of crypto analysts, several of whom have suggested it could be the next crypto to deliver 10x gains after launch. That would put $PLAY among the top 10 meme coins by market cap.

Investors in the $PLAY presale can stake their tokens to earn 206% APY, creating even more incentive to join the ICO. Don’t miss this chance to lock in a discounted price for $PLAY and buy what we think could be the best new token this June.

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Sealana – Solana Meme Coin with $3m Raised for Explosive Pump

Sealana is another exciting meme coin riding the wave of enthusiasm around the Solana blockchain. This project has already raised more than $3 million in its presale, which has no hard cap and could end at any time without warning.

Unlike other recent meme coins, Sealana’s $SEAL token doesn’t offer any utility. It’s designed solely to create gains for early investors, surging in a massive pump to become one of the biggest tokens on Solana.

The project is achieving the virality needed for this pump with its overweight seal mascot, who’s too busy hunting for the next explosive meme coin to clean himself up. The seal is a gentle joke on meme coin traders, who are lining up behind $SEAL as the presale picks up steam.

The $SEAL presale has no price tiers, so all investors and traders have an equal chance to buy the token at the current price of $0.022. This token has 10x potential according to several analysts, so it’s one that traders won’t want to miss.

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WienerAI – Meme Coin and AI Trading Bot with Viral Appeal

WienerAI is a new Ethereum-based meme coin that’s leveraging AI to build the next generation of AI trading bot. According to the project’s presale site, this trading bot will be able to spot unique opportunities in the crypto market and even act fast enough to outrun MEV bots. That could give traders a significant edge in the market, making WienerAI’s $WAI token incredibly valuable to hold.

The project has raised more than $4 million in sales of the $WAI token so far, showing just how excited traders are about WienerAI. It also helps that the project’s adorable mascot is incredibly meme-worthy. The wiener dog is excitedly developing AI tools while also getting stuck in holes with no way to extract itself using its tiny legs.

WienerAI is also attractive as one of the top meme coins to buy today because of its generous staking rewards. $WAI investors can earn up to 259% APY.

The next price increase is just several hours away, so don’t miss this chance to lock in a discount on $WAI.

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99Bitcoins – Learn-to-earn Token Ready to Surge with Crypto Adoption

99Bitcoins is a crypto education platform with a new token, $99BTC, that offers rewards learners every time they complete a lesson. It’s a highly engaging system that enhances crypto literacy and offers incentives to keep learning about the market.

99Bitcoins already has nearly 80 hours of interactive educational content, and the platform plans to develop even more courses exclusively for $99BTC token holders. Token holders will also get access to crypto trading signals, enabling them to put the knowledge they gain to profitable use.

The 99Bitcoins presale has raised more than $1.9 million so far—this is an ICO that crypto investors are clearly excited to join. Analysts have also weighed in on the token, picking out $9BTC as one of the top coins in the learn-to-earn space.

During the 99Bitcoins presale, investors can currently buy $99BTC tokens at a discounted price of $0.00107, but the next price increase is less than a day away. Early investors can stake their tokens to earn a very generous rewards rate of 876% APY.

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Mega Dice – Gaming Token That Could be Poised to Explode

Mega Dice is a leading crypto casino and sports betting site with a new GambleFi and GameFi token, $DICE, that enables investors to share in the platform’s success. Investors who stake $DICE will earn daily rewards paid out from the casino’s wagering revenue.

That’s a huge investment opportunity since the crypto casino market is supposed to grow to $65 billion by 2027, up from just $4.6 billion in 2022. Investors in $DICE can grab a share of the increased revenue that Mega Dice takes in as more gamblers switch to crypto.

The $DICE token can also appeal to gamblers. It’s fully integrated with the Mega Dice platform and offers access to exclusive bonuses and perks. During the presale, $DICE token holders who gamble at least $5,000 worth of crypto at Mega Dice can qualify for a $2.25 million $DICE token airdrop.

The $DICE presale is taking place on Solana and has already raised more than $1.3 million. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in the future of gambling that investors won’t want to miss.

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Notcoin – Hot Play-to-earn Coin on TON Network with Massive Volume

Notcoin is a recently released play-to-earn game built on the TON Network, the blockchain formerly associated with the Telegram messaging app. The game enables players to earn $NOT tokens by tapping a button and completing simple tasks like following accounts on social media.

The token has been a massive success, rocketing to a $2.3 billion market cap just over 2 weeks after launching. It’s also seen trading volume of more than $4 billion, making it one of the most heavily traded tokens in the entire crypto market.

$NOT’s pump looks like it’s just getting started, as the token’s price is still headed upward and trading volume remains over $2.7 billion in the past 24 hours. $NOT has a potential audience of more than 700 million on Telegram, so the token could continue to gain users and see its price move even higher in the coming weeks.

Bonk – Solana Meme Coin Building an Advanced Developer Ecosystem

Bonk was one of the most successful Solana meme coins over the winter, and it already boasts a $2.2 billion market cap. But it could have a lot of potential remaining for investors who want steady gains rather than explosive price movements.

That’s because the team behind $BONK is building one of the most advanced Web3 ecosystems available to developers on Solana. The project plans to launch a Telegram bot, token swap, rewards program, and wallet cleaning tool. It’s also going multi-chain and offers nearly 130 integrations for existing dApps in DeFi, crypto gaming, swaps, and more.

$BONK is currently available from all major centralized and decentralized exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance. It has more than 690,000 token holders and is up more than 18% in the last month, with more gains potentially on the horizon. This token looks like it has the staying power required to remain among the top 10 meme coins for a long time to come.

Dog-Go-To-The-Moon – Bitcoin Runes Meme Coin Approaching $1 Billion Market Cap

Dog-Go-To-The-Moon is one of the first meme coins to launch on the Bitcoin blockchain using the new Runes protocol, which inscribes data on individual Satoshis. It’s unique from most other meme coins on the market today, which exist on smart contract blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.

Dog-Go-To-The-Moon experienced an explosive rise in popularity in its first month on the market, rising to a market cap of $879 million. The token is up more than 100% in the last week and appears to be on track to break through the $1 billion barrier in June.

The token launched with an airdrop to Bitcoin ordinals users, distributing the $DOG token to more than 112,000 people initially. Since then, $DOG has attracted even more holders.

The $DOG token is all about transparency and fairness—there are no transaction taxes, no privileged insiders, and no paid promotions. That ethos has helped the token garner a massive following that is likely to continue holding tokens and pushing the price higher.


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