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99Bitcoins Token Raises $500K in Presale for New Learn-to-Earn Project

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A leading crypto media news site, 99Bitcoins, has launched its own cryptocurrency, 99Bitcoins token. The token launched as a presale, enabling investors to buy in before it lists on exchanges.

99Bitcoins’ efforts have not gone unnoticed, with the ICO raising over $500K in its opening days.

Market participants can buy $99BTC for $0.00101, but this price will rise throughout the campaign. The next uptick will occur in three days or when the total raise hits $1.1 million.

The new token is the backbone of its flagship new platform called Learn-to-Earn, which rewards users for learning about cryptocurrency.

Is Learn-to-Earn the next big thing in crypto?

Humans drive crypto prices, and humans are driven by emotion. As such, greed, FOMO, confidence, and uncertainty are instrumental in market dynamics. 

Market veterans know that this translates to crypto prices being heavily skewed by trends and narratives.

With that, the 99Bitcoins token may have ignited the latest hot trend. Its new “Learn-to-Earn” platform will economically incentivize users to embark on a self-learning expedition, consuming its educational courses on cryptocurrency in exchange for $99BTC rewards.

With Bitcoin halving occurring today, a succeeding price upswing is anticipated in the coming months. This will inherently draw more media attention and newcomers to the industry.

Previously, these newcomers were left to their own devices, separating between good and not-so-good educational content pumped out in the wild-west of Crypto Twitter and YouTube.

However, the advent of 99Bitcoins’ Learn-to-Earn platform ushers in a professional and fitting alternative, more resemblant of the industry’s polished future rather than its murky past.

What’s more, 99Bitcoins gamifies the learning process, injecting excitement and competitiveness to ensure lasting user retention.

Through its gamified approach, the platform allows users to engage with modules, quizzes, and tutorials. The more active they are, the higher up the rankings they will go and the more $99BTC they will earn.

This high-octane and credible solution replaces the previously fragmented and lackluster crypto educational content.

In an ingenious display of market prowess, the 99Bitcoins team has ingrained $99BTC to align its demand with the platform’s success.

$99BTC tokenomics are a step inside the future

99Bitcoins encapsulates the pioneering essence of crypto, employing cutting-edge innovation at every step.

In the domain of tokenomics, $99BTC is intertwined with the Learn-to-Earn model as users need it to access the ecosystem.

Some benefits to holding $99BTC are access to educational content, token rewards, BRC20 tools and education, crypto trading signals, a VIP community group, and staking rewards.

10.5% of the token’s total supply is allocated to the presale, 14% to staking rewards, 27.5% to the project’s fund, 17% to community rewards, 8% to exchange liquidity, and 23% to marketing.

This token distribution strikes an optimal balance between community incentives and means for ecosystem growth, hinting at a bright future in all realms.

99Bitcoins is a prestigious news website that launched in 2013, the same year CoinDesk launched. In addition to its vast readership, it boasts over 700K YouTube subscribers and 2.8 million email subscribers. 

The new token for its Learn-to-Earn platform, $99BTC, will reward individuals for learning about cryptocurrency.

With the presale price incrementally increasing throughout the campaign, those who act fast will secure the most upside potential.

So don’t miss the current low price. Follow 99Bitcoins on X or join its Telegram to stay relevant with the latest updates. Alternatively, visit its website to buy and stake tokens.

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