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AI Tokens Soar, Led by WorldCoin; Galaxy Fox Presale Nears Completion

AI Tokens Soar, Led by WorldCoin; Galaxy Fox Presale Nears Completion
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A.I. tokens are drawing significant attention among investors due to their recent bullish trend, fueled by OpenAI’s unveiling of Sora, a text-to-video generator. Tokens such as $WLD and $FET are among the top gainers of this uptrend. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox, having excited investors with successful presale stages, is about to end it with a remarkable 450% price increase from its initial presale price.

Fetch.AI Partners with Deutsche Telekom; Sparks 80% Rise in $FET

$FET is the standard token for Fetch.AI, an open crypto platform that allows people to easily connect to and use A.I. technology to accomplish tasks by utilizing its broad network of data.

$FET holders have been enjoying the token’s excellence since February 5, when its value began its recent up rally, which saw its price rise remarkably by nearly 80% from $0.51 to $0.91 on February 20.

This remarkable uptrend can be attributed to its recent partnership with Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s prominent integrated telecommunications companies. Experts see this partnership as a big step in merging Artificial Intelligence and Web3 technologies. 

As a result, they expect a further spark of interest in $FET among people in the industry, especially institutional investors that are big on web3 and A.I. They also anticipate that $FET’s value will continue to soar, potentially reaching $1 soon, in response to the growing interest in A.I. solutions that use blockchain technology within the industry.   

$WLD Rises by 231% Following OpenAI’s Text-to-Video Breakthrough

$WLD is one of the A.I tokens greatly impacted by the recent launch of OpenAI’s text-to-video generative artificial intelligence called SORA. SORA is a tool capable of generating short videos rapidly based on written commands.

Although other AI-focused cryptocurrencies also witnessed an increase in price, $WLD outperformed them all by rising by over 230% from $2.38 on January 8 to reach its all-time-high of $7.9 on January 19. The token also surpassed one million daily active users around the same period. 

According to experts, $WLD will still see significant bullish movement before the year runs out. After all, Its parent company, Worldcoin, was founded by the famous OpenAI C.E.O. Sam Altman. As more people interact and adopt artificial intelligence, A.I tokens like $WLD are expected to grow significantly in price and utility.

Investors Anticipate $GFOX Launch as Presales Nears Conclusion

Investors who have joined Galaxy Fox’s presale are excited as the meme coin draws nearer to its final presale stages, while still continuing to deliver massive ROI for them. They are even more excited because the meme coin will launch once its presale ends, delivering all the exciting features it promised its holders.

When Galaxy Fox presale ends and $GFOX launches, its investors will be able to enjoy the platform in various exciting ways, like the play-to-earn feature, NFTs compatibility, Staking feature, etc. $GFOX holders will also benefit from the token’s deflationary mechanism, which helps to strategically reduce circulating $GFOX tokens thereby potentially increasing the tokens value.

Staking is another aspect $GFOX holders will benefit from when it launches; the platform rewards them with funds reserved in Galaxy Fox Stargate, the platform’s central hub for distribution. This Stargate will continuously distribute rewards, because it is replenished by automatic addition of 2% of every transaction carried out on the platform.

Investors who joined Galaxy Fox presale earlier will gain up to 5.5x returns on their investments. However, there is still time for anyone who wishes to join the presale which is currently at stage 8. At this stage, they stand a chance to gain up to 9% returns on their investments if they invest before the presale progresses to stage 9; they will also gain additional ROI when the presale moves from stage 9 to stage 10.


Investing in A.I. tokens like $WLD and $FET now is an excellent decision for any investor to partake in the sector’s ongoing rally. However, joining Galaxy Fox’s presale before it ends should be every investor’s top priority. It grants them cheaper access to attractive earning options, which cut across various aspects, including play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, NFTs, staking and many more.

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