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AI Tokens Surging: Worldcoin Up 17% as WienerAI Presale Raises $1M

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Crypto investors are buzzing as AI-focused projects take center stage.

Leading the charge is Worldcoin, which has seen its price rocket 17% over the past day.

Meanwhile, the WienerAI presale also has investors talking, having raised over $1 million for its trading bot tool in a matter of weeks.

Worldcoin Price Surges Following OpenAI & PayPal Rumors

Worldcoin (WLD) is riding high on AI crypto mania, with the coin spiking to $6.24 – its highest price point in three weeks.

While firm catalysts are unclear, much of the buzz seems tied to growing rumors that Worldcoin’s parent company, Tools for Humanity, could soon announce partnerships with OpenAI and PayPal.

Alex Blania, Tools for Humanity’s CEO, even recently dropped hints about “natural” collaborations with the former.

Blania also acknowledged having “conversations” with PayPal, instantly piquing investors’ interest in WLD potentially being integrated into the digital payments giant’s offerings.

Though details remain under wraps, the prospect of Worldcoin’s involvement with one (or both) of these industry leaders has prompted a wave of speculative demand.

Additionally, given Worldcoin’s vision of creating globally accessible financial identities powered by AI, partnering with OpenAI or PayPal could accelerate that roadmap.

Whether these partnerships materialize or not, Worldcoin’s price surge signals that investors are clearly bullish on the project’s long-term potential.

AI Crypto Sector Pumps as Demand Ramps Up for New Projects

Worldcoin isn’t the only AI crypto making waves this week.

The entire sector is erupting, with its market cap soaring above $25 billion – a nearly 10% gain over the past day.

This buying frenzy has generated over $2.1 billion in 24-hour spot trading volume as speculators begin rotating into AI tokens.

While still just 1% of the total crypto market, AI coins are now firmly on traders’ radars.

Leading the charge alongside Worldcoin are projects like Ubex (up 39%), Connectome (up 25%), and Zero1 Labs (up 28%).

The rest of the AI crypto pack is following suit, with most tokens experiencing double-digit gains.

Contributing to the bullishness is Bitcoin itself bouncing back sharply.

Bitcoin is up 12% in the past five days and is now hovering around the $63,350 mark.

Although not directly related to the AI crypto space, Bitcoin’s rebound hints that traders’ risk appetite is finally returning.

As a result, investors may be more willing to allocate funds to higher-risk assets like AI coins.

And with projects like Worldcoin drawing enormous attention, this trend doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon.

New AI Meme Token WienerAI Raises $1M in Presale

Alongside WLD and other established AI crypto projects, a new entrant called WienerAI (WAI) is gaining traction by combining artificial intelligence with trading tools and dog memes.

WienerAI provides users with an AI-powered trading bot to help them uncover potential crypto gems.

Using natural language queries, traders can ask the bot to analyze the market based on their desired parameters.

WienerAI then uses predictive tech to highlight opportunities that fit those criteria.

For example, a user could ask WienerAI: “What low-cap coins could 10x in the next three months?”

The bot would then scan the market data and provide tailored trade ideas with in-depth analysis.

This blend of practical AI utility with a hilarious aesthetic seems to be resonating with investors.

Despite launching just a few weeks ago, WienerAI’s ongoing presale has already raised over $1.1 million.

Its growing Telegram community of over 2,200 people also illustrates the hype around WienerAI.

The project’s strong backing is even evidenced by WAI climbing the ranks on top listing and rating platforms.

WAI is currently ranked #2 on CoinSniper’s “Best Coins Today” list and #3 on’s “Best Crypto ICOs,” which is impressive for such a new project.

Ultimately, with AI crypto hype growing, innovative projects like WienerAI are clearly turning heads.

And with WAI tokens on offer for just $0.000704 during the current presale stage, investors have a major incentive to buy in early before that discounted rate potentially skyrockets.

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