All you need to know about the upcoming DOGE update 1.46.6

4 months ago
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While the cryptocurrency market begins its slow recovery after a period of bearishness, so do most of its assets – including Elon Musk’s favorite meme token Dogecoin (DOGE), which is also nearing its system upgrade.

Indeed, the DOGE team is expected to roll out the update 1.46.6 this summer, and the details about its release plan, including the project’s GitHub link, were published in a tweet by a Dogecoin News and crypto enthusiast profile Doge Whisperer on June 5.

The author of the tweet praised the team for its efforts, highlighting that the release plan was written by core DOGE developer Patrick Lodder and showed snapshots of the 1.14.6 release plan and checklist.

What the checklist includes – in order of importance

Specifically, the checklist includes the ‘MUST HAVEs’ – several things that the team has to fix before releasing the update. 

These include enhanced wallet protection, fixes for potential DOGE vulnerabilities, fixes for known Bitcoin (BTC) vulnerabilities, making the usage of the Dogecoin Core wallet cheaper, improved handling of address messages, and an easy-to-use gitian script.

The release plan also includes ‘SHOULD HAVEs’ or things that aren’t a necessity, but the team “should do our utmost best to merge these,” such as dependency updates, an important cleanup, and several others.

Finally, there is a section called ‘COULD HAVEs’ or ‘nice to haves’), which includes updates that the system can certainly do without but the developer felt could be included now or planned for the future, like increased system performance and secrets entropy, better clean-up modules, and cleanup of compiling.

DOGE price rises, number of millionaires drops

Upon the announcement of the upgrade’s details, the price of DOGE has increased 2.01% on the day, to $0.08324, although this is a lot lower than the $0.088 it reached last week (on June 1), as per CoinMarketCap data.

Meanwhile, the number of DOGE-made millionaires has dropped by 43% in 2022, as Finbold reported in late May. As a matter of fact, on January 1, there were 1,341 of them, compared to only 646 by May 27.

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