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Analyst Sets This New Presale Coin Could 10X After Raising $11M

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Bitcoin Minetrix skyrockets past $11 million in its presale and there is no slowdown in sight as analysts call for 10x returns.

The presale has grown exponentially as BTC and Bitcoin mining stocks have shot up in price.

Over 20,000 investors have followed Bitcoin Minetrix on X, while 14K have joined its Telegram

But with such glaring interest, this begs questions of what Bitcoin Minetrix is and why it is backed to explode.

Bitcoin Minetrix Tokenizes Cloud Mining Power, Democratizing BTC Mining

Passive rewards have never been easier than with Bitcoin Minetrix. Gone are the deep capital and knowledge requirements of Bitcoin mining. Anyone can mine BTC with Bitcoin Minetrix – simply buy and stake $BTCMTX on the project’s website.

A simple, secure, and convenient solution powered by the decentralized and transparent $BTCMTX token, users deposit $BTCMTX into the platform for Bitcoin mining credits, which they can burn for cloud mining power.

By tokenizing Bitcoin mining power, the project enables mass adoption, democratizing the process in a more aligned manner with the original vision of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Bitcoin Minetrix takes advantage of the network’s dynamic and secure smart contract technology, as well as its accessibility to the masses of crypto users.

Its redefining approach to an outdated and clunky system offers a breath of fresh air, fostering significant interest from investors and analysts alike.

Experts Say Bitcoin Minetrix Will 10X After IEO

No shortage of market experts are rallying behind Bitcoin Minetrix thanks to its revolutionary use case and timely release ahead of the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

Jacob Bury dubbed Bitcoin Minetrix the “next 10x potential crypto,” referencing its successful ICO and unprecedented use case as reasons why.

Support from Bury is a notable nod of approval, given his track record of calling top-performing projects early. For instance, Bury predicted the rise of TG Casino during its presale, which has now soared over 4x from when he made the call in December.

Analyst Unche Crypto also backed Bitcoin Minetrix to 10x after its presale.

Meanwhile, heavyweight media outlets like Business Insider, Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph, and BeInCrypto have all featured the project. 

Bitcoin Minetrix’s unwavering ability to attract attention illustrates vast potential once it launches on exchanges. 

‘Double Halving’ Effect Creates Perfect Whirlwind For Bitcoin Minetrix to Thrive

Macro analyst Jesse believes the crypto market is in a unique situation, wedged between two monumental events that will reshape Bitcoin’s supply and demand dynamics.

These events are the Bitcoin ETFs (which have seen $5 billion in net inflows in just over one month) and the upcoming Bitcoin halving (which will cut the amount of new BTC entering the market in half).

Given Bitcoin Minetrix’s use case as a cloud mining operation, its price is inherently tied to Bitcoin’s performance.

Consequently, the current market conditions present a bullish pathway for the project to launch.

Furthermore, as the Bitcoin Minetrix X highlighted, Bitcoin mining stocks have been thriving recently. 

The tweet noted that the surge was led by Canaan, which pumped 21%. Meanwhile, CleanSpark has recently reached a new yearly high.

According to the team, this reflects the “resilience of the mining sector,” a strong indication of Bitcoin Minetrix’s potential.

With this in mind, market participants face a rare opportunity to buy a revolutionary mining crypto in its early stage.

Investors can buy $BTCMTX for $0.0135, but this price will rise throughout the presale, with the next uptick occurring in just 14 hours.

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