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Analysts Forecast Another 20% Move For BTC, Will This Hidden DeFi Gem Come Out On Top?

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As the crypto arena anticipates the Halving event this month, analysts project a further Bitcoin price drop by 20% as its lowest price always happens around such events. Amidst speculations and geopolitical events, attention is focused on Octoblock, a hidden gem in the DeFi arena that looks unfazed by Bitcoin’s expected movement.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin price prediction is focused on the BTC price crucial level of $70K.  If the Bitcoin price hovers below this level, it may face downward pressure. Since its crash on April 14, BTC price has hovered between $63K and $59K. Some analysts note that Bitcoin is still in a correction phase, and if Bitcoin falls below $57K, it could decline towards lows of $50K or at worst below this level.

Whether Bitcoin Halving could boost BTC price is based on the previous halving effects.  Halvings of 2012, 2016, and 2020 saw sharp increases in the Bitcoin price after halving. However, halving doesn’t immediately impact BTC price as decreased supply takes time to affect the market. Moreover, Bitcoin price prediction suggests that BTC price has already exceeded the record price of the previous cycle, and forecasting Bitcoin’s direction in the new cycle is complicated.

Octoblock (OCTO): A DeFi Gem In Presale

Octoblock is a new DeFi project rolling out a comprehensive strategy that packages profitable products for investors, delivered while still in the ICO stages. Octoblock is gaining momentum with USDC airdrops in the presale phases enriching ICO holders with high APY. Its initiatives ensure a balanced DeFi offering blending profitability, Game Fi, and philanthropy.

The Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) technique empowers investors with a tool to scale the DeFi profitability heights by pooling resources and collaborating to access more goodies and a say in governance.

Octoblock ensures profitability through its Nautilus Trove initiative, where ICO funds are immediately invested through ICO staking and farming to achieve profits for redistribution to investors’ portfolios as passive income. Part of the funds are applied to environmental conservation efforts through the Tentacle Trust. The Trove applies prudent practices, leveraging Beefy Finance to ensure the sustainability and liquidity of the platform.

Octoblock’s ICO and USDC Rewards

Octoblock’s live ICO in phase four offers a discounted OCTO token at $0.038. Each token purchased earns the holder an entry to a Tesla giveaway draw for a chance to win a new Tesla model. The draw will be held before launch and gives an equal opportunity to all entrants regardless of the number of tokens purchased.

The weekly USDC airdrops are available for distribution to all holders’ wallet addresses every Monday. The rewards culminate from the high APY yielding ICO staking through the Nautilus Trove. The airdrops distributed to the holders’ designated addresses are pro-rated according to their portfolio holdings.

Given the project’s early take-off with exciting passive income opportunities despite the current slump, Octoblock has been identified as an hidden gem ripe to explode to new heights.

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