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Apple Vision Pro Sees First Crypto-Related App; $VR Token Up 300%

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Welcome to the future. The release of the Apple Vision Pro has swept the world with viral clips appearing all over the internet. Now, Apple Vision Pro is seeing its first crypto-related app. Victoria VR ($VR) will release a metaverse consisting of hyper-realistic graphics, and the $VR token is up 300% on the news.

Is this the coming of a new age? Will investors be searching for the top cryptos to buy right now and trading all inside the metaverse? Or will it be a blended reality? Other notable pockets of activity in the crypto space are ICO projects with up-and-coming stars like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) set to sell out soon.

The Apple Vision Pro: A New Dawn?

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s latest release, and this mixed-reality headset provides an augmented-reality experience. Apple uses the term ‘spatial computing,’ and it has fired the pistol on the next generation of technology.

As usual, the company pushes the envelope of what’s considered possible, and now people can interact with the world around them while interacting with the online world. This is likely the first step in a long line of augmented/ virtual reality technological devices that will steadily propagate through markets.

Victoria VR ($VR) Apple’s First Metaverse

The first metaverse app will come from Victoria VR, which plans to release an ultra-realistic and immersive metaverse. Slated for launch in the second quarter of this year, the futuristic capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro have made this possible.

Powering this entire ecosystem will be the $VR token. Holders receive revenue from in-game sales and staking rewards. The hype surrounding the first-mover metaverse application on the Apple Vision Pro has predictably led the token to skyrocket, and $VR is up over 300%. Are the top cryptos to buy right now these metaverse projects? Is this a new dawn, and are our lives increasingly going to take place inside a virtual reality?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Ready To Become Leading Memecoin 

Galaxy Fox is the other big mover this week, and this nascent presale shows no sign of slowing. Its presale has blazed past $3.2 million, and the funding rate is only getting faster. Already 98% sold out, this new hybrid gem is on track to becoming the top crypto to invest in this year.

Blending the explosive upside and viral marketing strategy of memecoins alongside a play-to-earn component gives $GFOX broad market appeal. The multiple earning opportunities present in this ecosystem are another reason for its hockey stick growth. The token burn accrues value indirectly. Staking rewards payout direct value. And the Web3 runner game gives everybody a chance to win real cash at the end of each season. 

Galaxy Fox’s entire ecosystem has been designed to encourage participation, and its deflationary tokenomics model has proven to be a massive hit with smart money. Additionally, introducing an NFT marketplace, a growth-orientated Treasury fund, an NFT collection, and even real-world merchandise. $GFOX is upgrading the idea of what it means to be a memecoin, and when another round of mania descends, experts expect $GFOX could quickly 100X. 

Closing Thoughts: The Future is Now 

2024 has already brought with it dramatic changes. The Apple Vision Pro marks the start of a true blending between real and virtual worlds, and a virtual reality token may even break into the top ten cryptocurrencies this cycle.

Technological hype is increasing among regular folk, and the appetite to own digital assets is trending upward fast. The top cryptos to buy right now are small caps like Galaxy Fox, which have nearly limitless upside potential. Participate in the presale and put an undervalued gem in your portfolio today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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