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Arbitrum Backer Sets Sights on Reddit Empire with 450,000 Bid While Ambitious Al Altcoin Sparks Frenzy

Arbitrum Backer Sets Sights on Reddit Empire with 450,000 Bid While Ambitious Al Altcoin Sparks Frenzy
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An Arbitrum (ARB) token holder has unveiled a new grant proposal to take over the renowned r/Cryptocurrency subreddit, costing 450,000 ARB tokens valued at nearly $788,000. Reddit covers a large network of communities where people can explore their interests, while the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit is one of the largest Reddit communities for cryptocurrency news, discussion, and analysis. Also, top investors, renowned for their strategic investments, are increasingly rallying towards InQubeta (QUBE) as its presale event sparks a frenzy.

InQubeta’s ongoing presale is skyrocketing, raising almost $12.6 million in ten presale stages. This ambitious altcoin is supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology and offers sustainable growth and profiting potential. The investment models, benefits of InQubeta, and its one-of-a-kind utilization of trending NFTs have contributed to the rush to its early funding phase.

This article details how the Arbitrum backer sets sights on Reddit and why InQubeta’s top ICO sparks frenzy.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Presale Nears Conclusion 

An increase in the transactional activities involving the QUBE tokens has turned heads in the cryptocurrency community, as InQubeta’s presale generates a frenzy among DeFi (decentralized finance) enthusiasts. More individuals are still flocking to this top ICO (initial coin offering) as visionary investors want to partake in the growing dominance of AI. InQubeta is in stage 9 of its presale, which is the last, and has sold over 931 million tokens and raised nearly $12.6 million.

About 10% of the QUBE tokens allocated for the current stage are left before the per-token cost goes from $0.028 to $0.0308 for its launch. Potential investors can invest now before InQubeta gets listed on exchanges to benefit from more value appreciation and bonuses. This emerging crypto‘s vesting period spans 12 weeks, during which the tokens will be gradually sent into circulation.

The core of InQubeta‘s proposition is allowing AI tech startups to mint rewards-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to depict early investment opportunities. Investors can use QUBE tokens to evaluate, select, and purchase fractionalized portions of these trending NFTs. The startups get access to seed funds, while investors gain equity, profit-sharing rights, exclusive product access, and other benefits from the success of the AI ventures.

QUBE is deflationary, implying that its value is designed to go up with time. It has a 2% transaction tax that proceeds to a burn wallet and a 5% tax directed into a reward pool. This structure helps increase QUBE‘s value and encourages people to hold onto their tokens for long, especially with staking benefits.

Arbitrum (ARB) Backer Set Sights On Reddit Empire 

An Arbitrum community member, MeLLoN98 started a grant proposal to secure 450,000 ARB (around $788,000 as of press time) in funding to acquire the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit and culminating in the acquisition of MOON tokens, the subreddit’s native governance token. In a post on the forum, MeLLoN98 outlined a plan starting with advertising initiatives on the subreddit, emphasizing that r/Cryptocurrency has been “the biggest crypto community since 2013.” Key specifications of the proposal include featuring the Arbitrum logo on the r/Cryptocurrency banner and implementing automatic sponsored posts at six-hour intervals.

The proposal suggests acquiring a substantial amount of MOON tokens, totaling 2 million, to be allocated to the Arbitrum Treasury. These tokens would serve as a safeguard in case of emergencies or in situations where unfavorable governance polls could harm ARB‘s interests directly or indirectly. According to MeLLoN98, the proposed timeline for the takeover initiative spans from June to December 2024, aligning with anticipated bull run cycles in the crypto market. Notably, the proposal is still subject to community approval, and details regarding the voting timeline must be clarified.


MeLLoN98 asserts that their proposal is critical for Arbitrum dominance, with the massive influx of retail and new investors to the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit. The InQubeta presale records impressive progress, and investors are still bulk-buying its tokens, propelling it towards the $13 million mark in funds raised faster than envisaged. This emerging crypto has an enticing prospect for the future of AI, as it is particular about making AI investment accessible and more inclusive. Visit the website below to grab your QUBE now!

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