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As ETH Soars Past $3K, Bitbot Leads as Best Crypto to Buy Now

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As Bitcoin ETFs dominated discussions within the cryptosphere in 2023, attention now shifts to the potential emergence of Ethereum ETFs as a significant catalyst in 2024. The anticipation surrounding Ethereum’s ETFs is evident as ETH soars past $3,000.

In this bullish environment, Bitbot emerges as a project positioned to capitalize on this momentum. Having raised $978k in 8 weeks, Bitbot differentiates itself as the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot. What exactly is Bitbot, and what factors position it for potential dominance within the Telegram trading bot landscape in 2024? 

Bitbot aims to solve issues within the Telegram trading bot sector

Telegram trading bots have become one of crypto’s fastest-growing sectors, reaching a $750 million total market cap. They bring advanced automated trading features and access to decentralized exchanges right to the Telegram app. 

In a short time, Telegram bots have made a big impact. They’ve handled over $8 billion in trades for over 600,000 users. Their popularity spiked in late 2023 and early 2024, with January alone seeing over $1.3 billion in trades. Notable bots like Unibot, Maestro, and Banana Gun have led the way.

But there are risks. Security problems have hit some bots hard. Maestro lost about $500k in ETH to a theft, Unibot’s price dropped 40% due to a hack, and Banana Gun’s token value tanked over 90% after a bug led to allegations of a rug pull.

This is where Bitbot comes in. It’s the first non-custodial Telegram trading bot, and it’s been developed by former Wall Street traders. Unlike others, it lets users keep control of their assets until trades are complete, reducing the risk of attacks.

Bitbot doesn’t sacrifice usability for security. It’s easy to use, allowing users to manage trades and create up to three free wallets with a tap. Plus, it has advanced AI-powered trading tools, giving traders the needed edge.

Bitbot’s security and features

Bitbot has teamed up with KnightSafe, a decentralized custody solution that gives traders complete control over their assets. But it doesn’t stop there. Bitbot also has advanced anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions, protecting investors from bots that drive up costs and scam projects, respectively.

SolidProof, a blockchain auditing firm, has given Bitbot’s smart contract the green light, and its tokenomics inspire trust: the 20% for development and 14% for marketing of Bitbot’s 1 billion token supply are subject to a 6-month cliff and a 12-month linear emission schedule. This prevents team members from dumping coins when they hit the open market.

For proactive traders, Bitbot offers an exclusive Alpha List, where users get early access to promising tokens and can use AI analytics to spot on-chain signals. The Gem Scanner sifts through presales to find the most profitable opportunities, and the automated Snipe the Trade feature executes buy low, sell high strategies seamlessly.

Busy traders can take advantage of copy trading, automatically mimicking the success of top Bitbot users. And for passive income seekers, there’s a revenue-sharing program where BITBOT holders can earn Bitbot’s trading fees, plus a referral scheme offering a 15% kickback on referred users’ trades.

Regarding Ethereum

For those unfamiliar, Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), powers more dApps than any other coin. Its versatility has gained widespread adoption, allowing developers to create decentralized applications across multiple industries.

Ethereum is one of the best cryptos to buy now because of its widespread popularity and utility. Many ETH price prediction platforms say Ethereum will reach around a maximum of $4,700 in 2024. According to Changelly, their ETH price prediction says the coin will surge to $15,400.46 by 2027 and $42,999.70 by 2030.

Bitbot price prediction

Bitbot’s presale journey since its mid-January launch has been nothing short of impressive, raising $978k and advancing to stage 5, with BITBOT currently valued at $0.0122. While a significant 63.93% increase is still in store before its final presale price of $0.0200, the momentum propelling Bitbot forward is undeniable, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Several key factors contribute to Bitbot’s promising outlook. Firstly, Telegram trading bots are experiencing a surge in popularity, with both trading volume and daily active users rising. Tokens associated with this sector have witnessed notable growth, such as Banana Gun reaching a $90 million market cap.

Bitbot has gained significant attention during its presale phase, reaching almost 100,000 followers on X and attracting more than 13,000 members on Telegram.

Early investors in Unibot reportedly enjoyed returns of up to 200x, as per a CoinDesk piece. With Bitbot’s unique offerings and favorable market conditions, early backers may potentially witness similar, if not greater, returns this year. Given these factors, the prospect of achieving gains ranging from 50x to 100x appears well within reach for those participating in the presale.

Bitbot is looking like the best crypto to buy now

In summary, with Ethereum hitting $3,000, Bitbot is a promising new entry and is seen as one of the best cryptos to buy now. Offering innovative trading tools, robust security, and many user perks, Bitbot is a solid choice for navigating the crypto market. Earlier investors will be rewarded the most, so join the presale stage before it’s too late.To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.


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