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Bear Market Goldmines: Top 3 Cryptos Poised for Explosive Growth When Markets Flip

Press Releases


  • Rebel Satoshi rallies for decentralized finance and social justice through meme culture; the project’s utility token is expected to surge further after its presale.
  • Optimism has disbursed over $100 million in the third round of the RetroPGF.
  • Celestia welcomes decentralized options and perps trading platform Aevo.

Optimism (OP) and Celestia (TIA) remain among the highly specialized altcoins to watch. While some investors wait for the bear market to flip, others have joined the new meme coin Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ)

The project displays the highest potential for explosive growth since its presale is close to ending, preceding a much-awaited official launch. Is now still the best time to join? Let’s find out.

Rebel Satoshi Represents DeFi Movement Through Rebel Meme Culture

Rebel Satoshi is a thrilling meme coin that signifies a rebellious movement to transform modern elitist financial mechanisms. Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes, it’s a call for decentralized finance and social justice. 

Rebel Satoshi‘s like-minded community keeps growing as users resonate with the project’s vision to challenge the financial norms for fairer wealth creation. The platform also wishes to pick a few with the best leadership skills, offering them governance power in the Rebellion Secret Council. This is in keeping with themes of monarchic revolutions. Monarchs are one of five characters that signify Rebel Satoshi, the other four being citizens, warriors, rebels, and recusants.

The Rebel Artefacts Vault is a soon-to-be-launched marketplace representing these characters through digital art and collectibles with 9,999 unique NFTs. These are a few benefits that the $RBLZ token offers members, along with staking rewards for passive income.

Rebel Satoshi‘s presale is in the last stage, aptly named Monarchs Round 4. $RBLZ has risen 120% since the first round from $0.010, now trading for $0.022. The coin will be worth $0.025 after the presale, a 13.6% value jump. While a seemingly minor push, analysts predict a further surge once it’s listed on exchanges next month.

Let’s now cover the latest developments for Optimism and Celestia.

Optimism Distributes Over $100 Million in OP During Third Round of RetroPGF

The RetroPGF (public goods funding), currently in the third round, is the Optimism Collective’s program dedicated to rewarding public goods. The latter refers to educators, creators, artists, and builders who serve others for free in Optimism.

Round 3 of the RetroPGF (which started in the fall of 2023) has seen the network distribute over $100 million in OP. Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently acknowledged this milestone on X, given that Optimism is Ethereum’s layer-2. Interestingly, there was community backlash during the voting of those who deserved the funding in this round.

After reaching a recent high of $4.27, OP has dropped 34% to $2.80, mainly due to the bear market engulfing top altcoins. Regardless, value estimates imply that OP may be worth a minimum of $7 by 2025 and $15 by 2026.

Aevo L2 Migrates to Celestia From OP Stack

Aevo is a decentralized trading platform for markets like perps and options. It so happens to be built on a custom layer-2 on the OP or Optimism Stack. The creators behind Aevo recently announced their migration to Celestia.

Aevo’s developers listed the perks of this move on X, like improved profitability, a scale-up in user onboarding, and user cost savings. Moreover, it suggests that Celestia will allow Aevo to “crank up scalability on Aevo Chain itself, increasing block size and decreasing block time.”

In other news, Celestia recently hosted a successful ‘Modular Meetup Program‘ in Zagreb, Croatia. The purpose of the get-together was to get more people to learn about modular blockchains and encourage “collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem.”

Like OP, TIA is down noticeably on the charts, trading 22% lower (now worth $15.80) from its recent high of $20.36. Nevertheless, forecasts suggest the coin could trade at a minimum of $35 by 2025 and $80 by 2026For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram


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