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BEFE Coin Rockets to New Heights: 800% Price Increase Imminent

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Meme coins have been the talk of the town. Some coins like WIF have experienced some staggering surges in the latest meme coin craze. WIF reached a new all-time high surging over 2000% since launch. Some meme coins seem to be the next big thing out of these. Let’s take a look at one such coin, BEFE. 

Why Are Meme Coins Rocketing?

The rise of meme coins can be credited to the history of meme coins. Doge was the first meme coin and gained so much attention with the influence of social media that sky skyrocketed in price. Early investors put in just a few hundred dollars and at the coins peak, took out millions. This social media hype and community-driven pricing seem to be what a lot of degens are attracted to right now. 

What’s The Next Major Coin?

While a lot of meme coins seem to be pumping right now, one seems to stand out. The BEFE coin has caught the eyes of investors as the coin aims at something unique. BEFE was launched in late 2023 with no pre-sale and tax. This move was considered to be great as investors could trust the devs. Moreover, BEFE gained hype on social media rapidly thanks to the very noticeable meme. The BEFE meme coin has been able to steadily grow its hype. 

What’s BEFE’s Price Trajectory?

The BEFE coin is currently trading at $0.0004669 which is up over 500% since its launch less than a year ago. 

Moreover, experts and analysts predict BEFE to surge a further 200% thanks to the rapid attention the coin has been able to gather during the bull markets thus predicting the coin to reach a value of $0.01 soon. 

Where Can One Buy BEFE?

BEFE is currently available on the BNB Smart Chain via Pancakeswap and Ethereum chain via Uniswap. Additionally, the BEFE team and community have decided to have their first pre-sale for the launch on the Solana chain. The BEFE pre-sale is being conducted phase-wise with the first phase selling out in just 29 minutes. The current phase of pre-sale is the fifth phase priced at $0.075 with the next phase being priced at $0.085. While this is a great opportunity, it is recommended to DYOR before investing in meme coins. 


The meme coin market has been interesting lately. While everyone is on the lookout for the next big thing, experts have their eyes on BEFE which according to experts, seems to be an OG meme coin and predict the coin to reach a value of $0.01. That is up 800% since its launch just last year. 


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