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BEFE Coin’s $1 Milestone Could Precede Shiba Inu’s

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Hail the new meme crypto king of the market: BEFE!

Well, BEFE does deserve to be the new meme crypto king after performing impeccably since its launch.

Moreover, with the ongoing bull ride, it is riding the bullish waves and will be reaching the $1 mark soon.

But will it make there before SHIB?

Comparing BEFE and SHIB Coins

Both BEFE and SHIB have just a single similarity: they are meme coins. Apart from that, both are poles apart. 

While SHIB has an all-time-high value of $0.00008845, recorded on 28 October 2021, BEFE has already achieved an ATH of $0.001127 on 27 December 2023.

Even now, on 12 March 2024, BEFE is at $0.0004552, whereas SHIB is lurking at $0.00003166, a whole zero behind.

On top of that, BEFE is continuously showing the cup and handle pattern which clearly indicates its presence in the bull market, whereas SHIB shows no such sign. 

In fact, it seems SHIB is still in the crypto winter of 2021 and 2022 and might not recover from the loss soon. 

Who Will Rise To The Occasion?

Seeing the ongoing performance of both meme coins, it can be said that BEFE has a higher chance of reaching the $1 mark.


Well, one of the major reasons would be the circulating supply of both meme coins. While BEFE only has 100 Billion tokens in the market, SHIB has a massive 589.53 Trillion tokens!

The vast difference indicates that the supply of SHIB is quite high as per market standards, which decreases its demand percentage.

On the other hand, BEFE took advantage of this situation and built a nice community with its marketing and memes, which made it more desirable than other meme coins.

It has a massive following of 43K followers on Twitter, where it shares lively updates and memes and focuses on community building.

Besides, with the rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, BEFE is experiencing a nice exponential growth, with its yearly statistics rising as high as 533.85% and is projected to cross its all-time-high value soon.

Final Thoughts

BEFE is going to be the ultimate meme crypto king sooner or later. It was introduced with the aim of reviving the glory of meme coins and provide value to investors, which it is achieving at a nice pace.

With the ongoing bullish trends and the rise of crypto giants, BEFE will soon be matching levels with some layer-1 crypto coins.
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