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Beyond Expectations: BRISE, BEFE, and CENX’s Remarkable Price Surge

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In 2024, bullish momentum in the crypto market has led to many new coins on the back of rising prices of established assets such as Bitcoin. This rollercoaster ride is far from over due to the adoption of ETFs and the approaching halving event. Therefore, astute investors are now looking for the next big thing, which are those coins that will skyrocket their portfolios.

There are three standout coins for their innovative technology and ambitious objectives; Bitgert’s BRISE, BEFE and CENX. Henceforth let us unravel what makes these emerging altcoins tick and why BRISE, BEFE and CENX are becoming increasingly dominant.

BRISE, BEFE, and CENX’s Prices to Surge?

Let us do an individual analysis on BRISE, BEFE and CENX.


Bitgert (BRISE) was established in 2021 as a layer 1 technology meant to address persistent problems like high gas fees and scalability. Its recent price action has caused a buzz among investors. It is governed by a BRC20 token known as the BRISE coin which powers Bitgert chain. 

Its own blockchain network is one of the fastest in the industry with a TPS of over 100,000. 

Bitgert already enjoys the trust of more than 800,000 community members. Moreover, technical indicators are strongly bullish on this crypto asset making analysts predict more upswings for BRISE in the coming weeks.


Meme Coins have often been brushed aside as unsustainable hype but BEFE Coin is proving them wrong. BEFE’s increasing trade volume along with the uptrend supply increase indicates that it has become an influential cryptocurrency token at least in the mid-cap territory among many others. Meme projects traditionally have no use cases nor value except for humor purposes only, BEFE is however an exception. BEFE has more users and investor backing, indicating it is one of the top meme coins.

So, BEFE, a powerful meme coin that could be a valuable asset in the future should be investigated by investors who are looking to earn profits.


Centcex powers some crypto assets that can scale blockchains such as Bitgert, BNB chain and opBNB through innovative dApps. Actually, CENX appears way ahead of its time with 10 billion CENX tokens already sold and predictions for a price hike of approximately 500%.

So, for anyone seeking a futuristic Crypto project that looks promising, CENX might be the way to go for you. 

BRISE, BEFE, and CENX: Should You Buy Them?

At present BRISE, BEFE and CENX have taken over the cryptocurrency space due to their bullish trends. Further, coins like BEFE show signals of exponential growth which both investors and enthusiasts are following closely. 


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