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Bitcoin-Based Runes Tokens Surges, AI Competitor Sets High Market Expectations

Bitcoin-Based Runes Tokens Surges, AI Competitor Sets High Market Expectations
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Bitcoin-based Runes tokens have caught the attention of investors and market watchers with a high uptick in the token price. At the same time, Borroe Finance ($ROE). a new participant utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), has tremendous potential in the Web3 funding space. 


Runes Protocol Launch on Bitcoin Network Sparks Token Frenzy 

The Runes protocol was officially launched on the Bitcoin network, which dynamically boosts the Runes-based token prices. Developed by Bitcoin developer Casey Rodarmor, Runes allows users to create and trade fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain just like they do with meme coins.

An important case of Runes is DOG, a meme token that showed much growth of trading volume and market capitalization. Data extracted from marketplaces such as Magic Eden and Okx indicates that currently, the DOG is valued at $0.0032, which is 5 satoshis. On Okx it trades for 5.14 satoshis, approximately the same price.

The release of Runes took place at the time of the fourth Bitcoin halving, which reduced the block reward from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. However, the increase in transaction fees, which are denominated in Runes, has led to a rise in mining revenue rather than a drop from pre-halving times.

In the first nine blocks after the halving, the miners paid 78.6 BTC for $4.95 million to get their hands on the rarest Runes tokens. The move showcases the potential for the Runes network to emulate the Ordinals protocol in a sense that it allows users to inscribe data on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Borroe Finance ($ROE); Unique Approach in Web3 Funding

Borroe Finance ($ROE) has become a game-changer in web3 funding by creating a platform that facilitates businesses and artists to raise money using their future recurring revenue as NFTs.

These NFTs are backed by the possible future revenues of the companies which may sell below the valuation, thus providing liquidity to them and enticing the investors. Borroe Finance stands out from hype-driven coin offerings and DeFi projects as it is based on a unique technology.

Powered by Polygon, $ROE has high throughput and low transaction fee.

The native token $ROE is a deflationary asset that works to drive long-term investments and encourage holders to hodl for more returns.

The $ROE token is based on the Polygon network which brings in scalability and security. The presale stage implies that the investors get a chance to participate in the process, so a sense of belonging and ownership comes into being. This strategy makes $ROE an attractive choice for investment.

The $ROE token price has already more than doubled from its pre-launch price at the market of $0.010 to $0.025.

Currently, Borroe Finance ($ROE) will run a 6-week airdrop programme which will precede the platform launch. This has drawn a lot of attention from investors who always want to identify gains.

The management team of experienced professionals, including Maxim Prishchepo and Michael Price as heads, is responsible for the efficient operation of Borroe Finance.

Audit of the project’s smart contracts by BlockAudit has been completed and they were verified, so BlockAudit guarantees that the platform is safe and reliable.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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