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Bitcoin ETFs Bleed Cash as Investors Flock to AI Altcoin With Bright Prospects

Bitcoin ETFs Bleed Cash as Investors Flock to AI Altcoin With Bright Prospects
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The crypto community wasn’t prepared for the wave of change that Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) brought along following their launch in the US in January. 

Given how Bitcoin is among the best cryptocurrencies to buy, people rushed to tap into the opportunity and diversify their portfolios. It wasn’t long before these ETFs started receiving record-high investments. 

However, these financial products are now losing favor to a new kid on the block — InQubeta (QUBE). InQubeta is an Ethereum-based platform that is topping analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists.  

InQubeta: An emerging crypto leveraging AI potential

InQubeta is an AI-centric platform where startups can raise funds for their projects. So far, its presale stages have raised over $12.7 million. 

InQubeta facilitates all transactions and investments on its platform with its native cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token. The token is powered by the ERC-20 protocol and is currently in the news because of its presale success. 

Considered one of the altcoins to watch out for this year, the QUBE token has a staking service that helps its owners earn rewards without losing ownership of the asset. Staked tokens are locked assets that come in handy while securing the network. They also promote blockchain growth and lead to a rise in buyers. 

Token holders can agree to stake their assets for as long as they are comfortable and earn passive income throughout the period. The InQubeta team has created a separate liquidity pool for staking rewards which are refurbished with tax collections. 

The token is built with a deflationary mechanism that enables its owners to stable returns even if market conditions are adverse. The model restricts the availability of the QUBE token if inflation or volatility are high. The supply gap pushes the demand and value of the asset up by curbing price fluctuations. If there is any threat of a supply increase, it is countered by destroying all extra tokens in circulation. 

The platform has a decentralized governance structure where token holders are in charge of approving proposals seeking protocol changes and new features. The model promotes a sense of belonging among crypto users and encourages them to act in the best interests of the platform.

Given the dynamic nature of the crypto market, the InQubeta team has created a roadmap for the project’s future development. The roadmap features new initiatives to support the platform’s growth and target new audience groups. 

In the coming months, crypto users can look forward to using the staking dApp and bolster their passive income.

Another initiative that the team is working on currently is to get the QUBE token listed on centralized exchanges so that more crypto users can buy it easily. 


Hong Kong eyes in-kind creations for Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin is a leading token that has outperformed several emerging cryptos with its trading activity. Its native token BTC is known for supporting speedy and secure digital payments. These transactions are then validated with the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. 

Bitcoin ETFs have spawned a new era for the crypto industry. By bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and mainstream finance, they have opened up a new avenue for regulated ownership of crypto assets. 

Their popularity has helped the Bitcoin price grow and command global attention with its rally. Hoping to cash in on the surge, Hong Kong’s key regulatory body is likely to approve a proposal that would allow in-kind creation and redemption of spot ETFs. 

If approved, the move would potentially help the region draw more investments from neighboring countries.



Bitcoin and InQubeta are great ecosystems and can end users’ concerns about what cryptos to buy now. These tokens have proved that even crypto assets can be both future-looking and profitable investments. Market experts are of the view that the recent milestones unlocked by the two tokens have had a lot to do with their upward trend.

In Bitcoin’s case, the rollout of BTC ETFs started a chain of events that have positively influenced the entire market. The success of ETFs has also driven the cryptocurrency’s adoption in other countries. In places like Hong Kong, governments are exploring regulations for crypto ETFs.

In the case of InQubeta, the novelty of an AI-driven cryptocurrency has taken the crypto community by storm. The platform helps in creating a level-playing field for crypto users in the startup space. By investing in these projects, people can become financially independent while empowering AI-driven startups. 

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