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Bitcoin Halving Buzz: Investors Set Sights on Solana (SOL), SUI, and Milei Moneda ($MEDA)

Bitcoin Halving Buzz: Investors Set Sights on Solana (SOL), SUI, and Milei Moneda ($MEDA)
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  • Solana’s consistent monthly growth points to a bigger SOL price pump.
  • SUI investors can anticipate more profits as the coin isn’t out of steam yet.
  • Milei Moneda has plans in place to curtail inflation as its investors lock in 100% ROI.

The Bitcoin halving event has been one of the major highlights of many crypto news lately. The halving is expected to propel Bitcoin into a price rally, and that’s already evident in Bitcoin’s recent pump. As usual, altcoins are waiting on the side to jump on the Bitcoin wave. If investors’ activities are anything to go by, Solana (SOL), SUI, and Milei Moneda ($MEDA) are the best cryptos to buy now.

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Investors Drawn to Solana for SOL’s Consistency

Ideally, the Solana Foundation is the catalyst of Solana’s price movements. However, with Bitcoin’s big influence on the crypto market, the halving event should rally SOL and other Solana meme coins into major price pumps.

Already, the signs are there. Solana is enjoying increased activities on its blockchain, and SOL’s price is already feeding off the traction. SOL is now among the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the market based on market cap.

SOL’s price has gained 8.8% in the past week, and it’s even more impressive when you look at its monthly price trend. At 50.8%, Solana doubled its monthly closing price in February. Solana has continued in its monthly upsurge, and SOL’s price is expected to soar even higher. With its consistency, SOL remains a top crypto to buy.

Activity Surge Propelling SUI Price

SUI’s Layer-1 blockchain is a leader in the crypto-verse for its unbeatable scalability. In an effort to offer more to the crypto-verse, SUI has recently announced a global partnership with Revolut, a big player in the fintech space. The strategic partnership will allow SUI to bring the gospel of its Web3 solutions to Revolut’s large audience and serve as another inroad for SUI into the European market.

This partnership has become the backdrop of SUI’s recent performances. In the past month, investor activities and adoption of SUI’s network have increased. SUI’s TVL (Total Value Locked) has beaten the $350 million milestone, and the coin is running with that on the price charts.

Although, per CoinMarketCap, SUI is ranked among the top 50 cryptos by market cap, SUI has been one of the best altcoins in the last month. SUI has beaten its ATH and went on to deliver a 25.2% monthly price pump

Its YTD also stands at a staggering 159.6% spike, and there’s no doubt that SUI is one of the top crypto coins at the moment. SUI investors are licking their lips and anticipating even bigger profits.

Milei Moneda: New Meme Coin With Fixed Gains

Milei Moneda‘s cryptocurrency ICO is one of the new ICOs that has caught the fancy of investors lately. Even more interesting is that it guarantees 100% returns, which is expected in a few months from now. Amazing, right? There’s more.

Milei Moneda is a meme coin that brings sarcasm, fun, and doggedness to the meme game. The project is inspired by the personality of its eponym, Javier Milei, Argentina’s passionate president at the forefront of the DeFi campaign.

Milei Moneda’s $MEDA token has a deflationary mechanism where 5% of every $MEDA token transaction would be burned. Token burn is one of Milei Moneda‘s proactive measures to curtail inflation and steadily drive $MEDA’s growth.

Interestingly, Milei Moneda is in Stage 1 of its $MEDA presale, with investors copping their $MEDA tokens at $0.010, and they expect to gain 100% when the $MEDA launches in May at $0.020 per token.

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