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Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Nears $13M as Bitcoin Heats Up Before Halving

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New ICO Bitcoin Minetrix is seeing notable success as it nears the $13 million total raise mark.

The presale momentum has accelerated lately as Bitcoin’s bullish presents massive potential to related projects.

With the campaign ongoing, investors can buy $BTCMTX for $0.0143. However, this price will rise as the presale advances, with the next uptick in just 20 hours.

A Groundbreaking Solution to Prominent Mining Issues

Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining solution that presents a secure and effortless way for everyday users to mine Bitcoin.

Historically, there have been two problems with mining.

The first is that regular mining is overly complex and expensive. Mining equipment is costly, and it takes serious technical prowess to set up. This means that unless you’re a deep-pocketed tech wizz, you must resort to cloud mining for passive BTC rewards.

However, the issue with cloud mining is the prevalence of fraudulent schemes and scams. Cloud mining providers often lure unwitting users with lucrative rewards, only to not pay out or even steal their funds.

This is where Bitcoin Minetrix comes in. As a decentralized and transparent cloud mining solution, users are in complete control. 

It works by users staking $BTCMTX in exchange for Bitcoin mining credits. These are non-transferable ERC-20 tokens that they can burn for their share of the cloud mining pool rewards.

Permissionless Ethereum smart contracts power $BTCMTX, and users can choose how long they want to deposit their tokens in the protocol.

Evidently, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a seamless, secure, and accessible alternative to existing Bitcoin mining solutions, potentially rendering it an integral component of the Bitcoin ecosystem once it launches.

A Bitcoin Beta Play: How $BTCMTX Could Yield Outsized Gains

Many prominent Bitcoin mining companies are public and tradable on the US stock market. These stocks are often viewed as leveraged plays on Bitcoin, frequently yielding outsized gains. 

For instance, while Bitcoin is up 147% this year, the largest Bitcoin mining stock, Marathon Digital Holdings, is up 165%. 

Meanwhile, another prominent mining stock, CleanSpark Inc, is up 654%.

However, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a blockchain-based alternative to these mining stocks, potentially making it a favorite among crypto-enthusiasts who keep their investments on-chain.

Bitcoin’s Price Primed For Bullish Trajectory

Adding to the excitement, Bitcoin’s uptrend may have only just begun. If so, this would set a considerably bullish precedent for Bitcoin Minetrix and Bitcoin mining stocks.

Currently trading at $70K, Bitcoin recently broke its 2021 ATH and successfully retested it as support, laying the way for price discovery.

“Bitcoin broke its previous all-time highs, retested the highest available support level on the chart — and bounced. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. New highs soon,” Said popular analyst Jelle on X.

Meanwhile, multi-national bank Standard Chartered recently predicted that Bitcoin will rise to $150K in 2024 and $250K by the end of the current market cycle.

Indeed, this presents a bullish outlook for Bitcoin, but with Bitcoin Minetrix still in its infancy, top analysts speculate it could hold tremendous upside potential.

How Far Could $BTCMTX Go? This Analyst Speculates 100X Gains Are at Play

While not without risk, Bitcoin Minetrix is anticipated to see resounding success once it launches on exchanges.

“Could this be the next 100x cryptocurrency?” Pondered prominent gem-hunting YouTuber Jacob Bury in a recent video.

Meanwhile, ClayBro speculates investors could see “massive gains by buying and staking $BTCMTX.”

But it’s not only analysts backing Bitcoin Minetrix. With almost $13 million raised, it is apparent that the project also has deep-rooted support from market participants.

What’s more, the considerable total raise presents vast financial resources to ensure the project’s lasting success.

Still, as the presale price increases incrementally throughout the campaign, potential buyers must act fast to secure the best value

Follow Bitcoin Minetrix on X or join its Telegram to stay updated. Alternatively, visit its website to buy and stake $BTCMTX.

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