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Bitcoin’s Surge to $68K Leads to AI Altcoin Bonanza

Bitcoin's Surge to $68K Leads to AI Altcoin Bonanza
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Riding high on the success of spot crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Bitcoin (BTC) has mopped up substantial revenue over the past few weeks. 

After a long struggle with regulatory challenges, several Bitcoin ETFs were rolled out in January in the US and since then have attracted record investment. What followed was an unprecedented hike in the Bitcoin price. It recently crossed $68,000 – a level which it had reached in November 2021 – before falling back.  

Bitcoin’s surge didn’t just help its case but also uplifted the altcoin sector. There are many top altcoins like InQubeta (QUBE) which have picked up pace in the past few weeks, after Bitcoin’s positive price action. 

InQubeta: Electrifying the AI technology space

InQubeta promotes a user-friendly experience on its platform with its native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. The platform connects crypto users and startups looking for investors to back their AI-led projects. 

Another reason why its popularity has been shooting up is its presale gains, which currently stand at $10.9 million. Built on Ethereum, InQubeta is being called one of the best new ICOs of 2024. 

The QUBE token is an ERC-20 coin which has a deflationary model. If the markets are in bad shape, the model restricts the availability of these tokens and tames price fluctuations. 

As the price remains stable, more crypto buyers are drawn towards the QUBE tokens. If there is an increase in the token supply, it’s stopped by burning the excess tokens.

Another key role that the QUBE token plays is in governance. Token holders form a consensus to allow important protocol upgrades by using their voting privileges. 

Every suggestion is discussed by the community and then put to a vote. The voting process ensures that token holders make decisions in the best interests of the platform. 

Known as one of the best cryptos in the market, InQubeta invites crypto users to participate in startup investments through an NFT portal. The portal has a transparent approach and allows fractional investments. 

The NFTs are created by tokenizing the investment proposals of startups. Once a crypto user buys the NFT, they become eligible to acquire a small share in the equity of the startup. Crypto users can evaluate and compare startups’ offers to decide which would suit their investment goals best. 

InQubeta helps startups with marketing efforts too and new firms can take advantage of the expertise of veteran players to boost their growth. 

In the coming months, crypto users will be able to see several new features launched by the InQubeta team. The initiatives are planned to make InQubeta one of the best cryptos that the market has ever seen. The first of these is a staking dApp which will help in spreading the word about the service.

The next plan that the team is working on is to get the QUBE token listed on a centralized exchange. The decision would allow the team to extend the platform’s reach to unchartered heights. 


Microstrategy plans to add more Bitcoin to its stash

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that uses the proof-of-work consensus algorithm to secure its network. Transactions made with its native token BTC are confirmed with the same protocol. 

The cryptocurrency has emerged as a crowd-puller ever since BTC ETFs debuted in the US. The ETFs are being hailed as they ensure regulated access to the cryptocurrency and users’ don’t have to necessarily hold the BTC token to gain from it. 

As the investor sentiment post-BTC ETFs refuses to die down, experts suggest that Bitcoin can potentially reach greater heights over the next few months. 

In a related development, leading software company MicroStrategy announced that it will be using a $600 million private corpus of convertible senior notes to boost its Bitcoin holdings. The amount collected from the sale of the notes will be used to acquire more Bitcoin.



Bitcoin and InQubeta are top cryptos to invest in and have a global community of users. The two tokens have been growing steadily with their user-friendly models aiding their expansion. 

While Bitcoin cashes in on the success of BTC ETFs and InQubeta on its presale gains, crypto experts suggest that the bull rally is here to stay. 

The growth curve of these two coins is supported by their decentralized protocols. The highly secure networks keep users’ assets and privacy shielded against exploits. 

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