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Bitgert Coin Burn Surge: Could This Propel Prices to $0.0001, Signifying a Remarkable 20000% Gain?

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Cryptocurrency prices surged 10%-20% in just a week. Some coins like Bitgert on the other hand are up 50% in the same time frame. This sparks a question if the coin can propel to  $0.0001 making a gain of 2000%. But first, let’s examine why the markets are up. 

Why are the markets surging?

Cryptocurrency prices spiked after $612 million was invested in the Bitcoin ETF; other coins such as Ethereum followed the trend, resulting in the cryptocurrency market reaching a staggering 2.5 million dollars in market capitalization. That is a staggering 142.81% change in the last year. 

So what about Bitgert?

Bitgert coin has given traders and investors returns of about 60% in the last week. The contributing factors for Bitgert include the near-zero gas fee nature along with the great team. The Bitgert coin is proving to be a solid coin to bet on even though the market seems to have come to a less volatile range. 

Bitgert coin is up 12% in the last 24 hours while other coins are up just about 2%-3%.

This outperformance of the Bitgert coin in both the long and short term is making investors speculate a remarkable price surge to $0.0001 which would result in investors making a 2000% profit. These numbers may seem astronomical right now but the constant surge of Bitgert and outperformance coupled with the rapid development of the team is a great indicator of the possibility of the coin surging 2000% becoming a reality. 

Bitgert also boats 25 million+ transactions along with 600K+ community users on their website. Users can buy the Bitgert coin on Uniramp and trade and swap in all major swaps like Pancakeswap. 


The surge in cryptocurrency is giving way for coins to reach their all-time high and also making coins that are not as widely recognized more known as they seem to be surpassing well-known coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana in returns. The Bitgert coin is one such coin that is up 60% in the last one week and makes investors speculate if the coin could reach a value of $0.0001 which is 2000% up from the current price. The team and other factors behind the coin indicate that this price is very much a possibility.

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