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Bitgert Coin: Paving the Way for a More Accessible Crypto Experience

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Ethereum is suffering from high gas fees and slow transaction throughput. Solana’s transaction throughput was at 2.6K TPS earlier, but with the surge in memecoins, the blockchain suffered immense damage in repute, transaction throughput, and transaction success rate.

Investors and users are looking for a chain that’s affordable, fast, and scalable so they can adopt decentralized applications related to NFTs metaverse, DeFi, and gaming, among others.  

Bitgert is one of the most happening Layer-1 ecosystems, continually integrating new utilities and use cases. It is among the fastest layer-1 blockchains, with a speed of 100K TPS and a gas fee of $0.0000001 per transaction. 

Bitgert is based on the Proof of Authority consensus, which accords a great user experience for anyone traversing the ecosystem. Bitgert has added several new partnerships, forging the ecosystem for a more accessible crypto experience:

  • Bitgert has teamed up with to innovate in the field of HPC data. 
  • SaaSGo is the world’s first Fiat-DeFi integrated platform for streamlining Web3 applications. 
  • Web3Nova is a big player in the decentralized landscape.
  • KingdonX is a medieval game on Bitgert based on the metaverse.
  • DogeWalk, Ethereum scaling solution Goshen, Catex, AssetLink, Sekuya, etc., are some other notable names in Bitgert’s list of partnerships.  

Bitgert has its native suite of product offerings for Bitgert users. Bitgert recently introduced the v2 version of its zero-trading fee CEX. It also has a crypto-payment gateway, a P2P exchange, and a Startup Studio which helps startups raise funds via public and private sales.  

Bitgert’s native token BRISE

BRISE is the native token of the Bitgert platform, serving as a utility and governance token. Since its launch, BRISE has given its investors an ROI of 40,00%. The Bitgert token has a limited supply and a deflationary mechanism that keeps the supply in check against rising demand. 

ThebBItgert team recently burned 2 million tokens as part of the price burn mechanism. Already, 36% of the token supply has been burned. This deflationary mechanism helps make the token valuable and sustainable in the long run. 

Bitgert token wil lget listed Binance Futures soon. As integrations and use cases increase on the platform, the Bitgert token will gain more prominence. 

Bitgert token has performed fairly well despite the ongoing correction. BRISE started looking up in December 2023 and gathered gains of up to 170%. Experts predict the coin is likely to follow BItcoin’s course as soon as Halving occurs and chart another ATH. Bitgert token is a mid-cap token with huge upside potential and use cases in the coming future. 

Buying the dip is the best bet for crypto investors seeking windfall gains this bull season. 


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