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Bitgert Coin Price Climbs 70% in a Month, Experts Eye 700% Growth

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Most cryptocurrencies have been stuck in a range in March, but Bitgert has gone against the trend. Right now, when altcoins are going up in value, Bitgert has been making news. How bullish is the future for this new cryptocurrency, though?

The Bitgert’s Rally 

Bitgert’s price has gone through the roof, rising over 70% in just 30 days, thanks to all the excitement surrounding its brand-new blockchain. At $0.0000002562, this coin’s BRC20 blockchain is the most valuable cryptocurrency right now. 

With a $0.0000000000001 gas fee, it is the first blockchain in the business that doesn’t use any gas at all. At 100,000 TPS, the Bitgert BRC20 chain is now faster than Solana. These are the main things that are making Bitgert’s rise happen. 

Bitgert has become a popular place for developers to start autonomous apps because it has low gas costs and fast processing. Bitgert has become much more valuable in the last 30 days because of this. 

Experts’ View Growth of more than 700% 

Blockchain technology has two main problems: it’s expensive and transactions take a long time. Experts are excited about Bitgert’s unique plan because it seems to solve both of these problems. 

The big goal of the people working on the BRC20 chain is to make Bitcoin widely usable by getting rid of the problems that stand in the way of micropayments. 

Bitgert’s gasless structure and lightning-fast processing could change the blockchain industry by letting developers make autonomous apps that are easy to use, scalable, and widely adopted. This is important because blockchain platforms like Ethereum have had a lot of problems in the past with being able to grow. 

Towards Widespread Usage

Many things have been achieved by Bitgert in the two years since it began, even though it did not have a public team yet. The anonymous developers just recently said they were going to fully dox the core members soon to make things more credible. 

It’s easy to see why experts are getting excited about Bitgert. It has zero fees, lightning-fast transfers, a track record of loyal community, and is now a way to build trusted leadership for long-term growth. 

Do your own research 

Even though most experts are very optimistic about Bitgert, buyers should be careful and do a lot of research before getting into the hype. Before putting money into this coin, investors should carefully read its white paper, tokenomics, developer plans, and analysis of the competition. 

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