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Bitgert Poised For a 900% Gain This Week: Is it Too Late to Invest?

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It’s the bull market officially. Do you know why? The market is already full of ads from shitcoins and scams promising a 100-1000x return in a month. Bitcoin took months to double its value. And the same is true for many blue chip tokens. 

But what if we tell you there’s a coin that can actually grant you a 900% jump this week? It’s Bitgert

Bitgert is one of the fastest-emerging layer-1s in the crypto scene, given its unmatched speed and high affordability. Bitgert offers up to 100K TPS at a negligible fee of $0.001. 

An essential parameter that needs to be factored in while weighing investment options is the long-term viability and sustained returns from a project. Bitgert offers both. Firstly, Bitgert has a 600K-strong community of members and has transacted over 25 million transactions. 

Its network is growing at a rapid pace, and several macroeconomic and inter-market factors look priced in, ready to give Bitgert the momentum it needs.  

Why is Bitgert Prised for an Imminent Price Rally 

Bitgert’s native token has been looking up for a month, absorbing approximately. 50% gains so far. December monthly high is acting as the next resistance for the Bitgert token. Bitgert Price successfully tested the resistance line on February 7 and flipped it into the new monthly bottom/support. 

Ever since, Bitgert has been in an uptrend, gathering speed mostly in the last few days. Its price is above moving averages, and the market looks extremely greedy, with retail investors finally pouring in to push trading volumes high. 

Its MACD indicators give a buy signal. The coin will gather pace in the coming days to secure a rally, and being a small-cap token, the potential is immense and infinite.  

Bitgert’s USPs That Make It ReadyFor Rapid Adoption and Growth 

Bitgert isn’t your regular layer-1 blockchain still living on monolithic infrastructure. The Bitgert blockchain is a fully independent ecosystem housing multiple protocols. It is a smart contract-based blockchain where developers can build NFT, DeFi, metaverse, gaming, and other protocols. The network also allows protocols to develop their own native tokens.

Bitgert uses the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus to validate transactions faster. This feature places Bitgert at the top of the blockchain rankings. 

And while we talk of Bitgert’s protocols, we mustn’t forget its extensive suite of products and native protocols such as:

  • Bitgert’s centralized exchange offers zero-free trading experiences 
  • Bitgert users can stake BRISE to earn staking rewards and strengthen the network.  
  • Bitgert also offers a P2P exchange and a payment gateway 

Conclusion: Why is Bitgert an attention magnet? 

Among all the chains that have gone live in the past few years, it is difficult to find a chain that seeks to offer an entire ecosystem and product offerings. Bitgert does that for its users. 

Ethereum fees are skyrocketing. Chains like Bitgert set things right and offer users exponential returns within a week.

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