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BlackRock’s Latest Tokenization News — What It Means for Crypto and This New Coin

BlackRock's Latest Tokenization News -- What It Means for Crypto and This New Coin
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Crypto has always dreamed of institutional adoption, and it was the most prominent narrative in the 2021 cycle. Well, the dreams of the last cycle are a reality now, and here is BlackRock’s latest tokenization news. This cycle will dwarf all that have come before, and the race is on to become a crypto owner before investors are priced out of markets.

The world’s largest asset manager has deployed BlackRock USD Institutional Liquidity Fund (BUIDL) on-chain. Soon, the barrier between fiat and crypto assets will disappear, and everything from stocks to bonds will trade on-chain. What cryptos to buy now amidst this digital gold rush? Here’s what BUIDL means for crypto and this new coin.  

BlackRock Launches BUIDL 

BlackRock is putting its money where its mouth is. While Larry Fink has been making the rounds on national television talking about asset tokenization, RWA projects like Ondo ($ONDO) have been soaring. This significant step to launch an on-chain fund has brought together key players from TradFi and crypto, allowing seamless transitions between the two. The fund represented by the $BUIDL token is backed by US Treasury bills, repurchase agreements, and cash.

Launched on the Ethereum ($ETH) blockchain, it is an unmistakable signal to anybody not paying attention that the Spot $ETH ETFs will be approved later this year. Funded with $100 million, this fund is pegged to the value of a dollar. It pays out daily dividends, allowing investors to unlock dollar-denominated yield from Treasury bills but with all the advantages of blockchain.

Coinbase is a key infrastructure partner, and alongside BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust, this shows a deep commitment to the future integration of digital assets. Investors need to think about the second order consequences. If liquidity can move fluidly between TradFi and DeFi and risk appetite increases, the natural answer to what cryptos to buy now is small caps far out on the risk curve. Get there first and profit soonest.

Moving Along the Risk Curve: Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Ready to Shine 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a shining example of a protocol set to shine under this new environment, and the fact that it is not an obvious choice makes the trade all the better. This hybrid has been powering through its presale and already raised more than $5.4 million. But why is Galaxy Fox a top crypto to buy now, and how will the asset tokenization meta affect it?

BlackRock is removing the barriers between two distinct worlds of liquidity. Make it easier to bring capital on-chain, and it is easy to speculate. Soon TradFi investors will realize they have missed the bear market lows and start searching down the risk stack. Protocols with high upside and utility will be their targets. And Galaxy Fox fits the bill perfectly.

It has blended a classic P2E game into its memecoin economy. Players can play the infinite runner to turn skills into cash, and the top 20% of the leaderboard walks away with prizes at the end of each season. Galaxy Fox’s tokenomics model drives value for holders through its burn campaign and has enabled staking rewards, letting users participate in the ecosystem’s growth.

Being a stakeholder in a memecoin economy with an integrated P2E game as trillions of dollars of capital rush on-chain is an excellent value proposition. $GFOX enjoying dual narrative support catapults it into the best cryptocurrencies to buy, and this gem is weeks away from its retail launch and a massive price surge. 

Closing Thoughts: The Institutional Cycle 

This is the institutional cycle, and while RWA projects may be the first thing investors think of when asking themselves what cryptos to buy now, the real answer is risk assets further out on the curve. As the barrier between TradFi capital and crypto capital disappears, expect these assets to be the best performers.

Galaxy Fox is ready to soar, and investors who move fast will see the greatest profits. Get ahead of these massive liquidity inflows by participating in the presale today and put 2024’s leading small cap in your portfolio today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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