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Blast Airdrop Is Close, If You Missed Out Then Octoblock Might Be Your Best Bet

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With many investors feeling they might have missed out on the prime opportunity to capitalize on the Blast airdrop, Octoblock has emerged as a promising alternative.

The Blast airdrop

Blast is an Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) platform that was launched in February 2024. The L2 revolutionized decentralized finance (DeFi) by introducing native yields for ether (ETH) and stablecoins. The Blast airdrop is designed to encourage active involvement and interaction within the platform by offering participants Blast points, which will convert into BLAST tokens in May.

To join the airdrop, users must acquire an invitation link from their peers via a referral and then complete the registration process on the airdrop page to claim their initial reward. Users can also unlock additional incentives by bridging assets to the platform or referring new users. The allocation of airdrop points is based on the value of bridged assets and the number of successful referrals made. A segment of the airdrop is specifically earmarked for developers, particularly those who excel in contests like the Big Bang and contribute to the mainnet’s decentralized applications (dApps). Developers have the option to redistribute their airdrop points to users, thereby bolstering liquidity and fostering a wider user base.

What is Octoblock?

Octoblock is a new protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that integrates the foundational elements of DeFi with Game-Fi mechanics to roll out a range of initiatives geared towards profitability, expansion, and philanthropy.  

The Nautilus Trove is Octoblock’s first initiative. This revenue-generating system will collect the protocol’s asset inflows and utilize a double-strategy to allocate 75% of them to DeFi strategies, such as staking and farming, and 25% to investments in revenue-generating ventures like businesses and stocks. OCTO token holders benefit by receiving half of the Trove’s profits, with 45% distributed based on their token holdings through monthly USDC airdrops, and 5% through a sweepstake that will select winning addresses randomly. The USDC airdrops are set to begin three weeks after the completion of the Octoblock ICO. The airdrop’s timing, alongside the treasury asset/drop value recording, will be meticulously synchronized. However, it will not be publicly announced until a snapshot of holders is complete in order to prevent manipulation of the system by users who might attempt to temporarily buy and hold assets to become eligible.

A share of the Trove’s profits will also support Octoblock’s Tentacle Trust, a charitable account that will help fund organizations dedicated to the conservation of marine ecosystems. OCTO holders will also be involved in this benevolent process, voting monthly to determine the recipient of the funds.

Octoblock’s Coral Cove will facilitate secure asset swapping and bridging across chains, minimizing transaction costs and optimizing routes through strategic utilization of liquidity aggregation. This cross-chain platform is thus poised to revolutionize the way digital assets are managed across blockchain networks. 

Octoblock will also introduce Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF), a mechanism that allows users to collectively engage in yield farming activities by contributing resources to a shared yield pool. This communal approach unlocks access to higher-yield farming opportunities due to the pooled capital, resulting in increased profits for all participants. Furthermore, members of cFyF pools may qualify for airdrops, further enhancing potential investment returns.

The Octoblock ICO

The Octoblock Initial Coin Offering (ICO) entered Phase 2 on April 5, marking a milestone as the OCTO price reached $0.036. Nonetheless, investors at this level still get a substantial 14% bonus. Octoblock also launched an exclusive Tesla giveaway for ICO participants, where each OCTO token purchased equals one entry. This initiative underscores the project’s commitment to community engagement and environmental sustainability.

Moreover, all OCTO tokens acquired in the ICO are promptly recorded and included in a staking process. OCTO tokens will be credited to investors’ account balances weekly, with the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) determined based on the token’s price during that stage. Octoblock will also include USDC in this distribution, adding a layer of stability. This innovative approach is designed to express gratitude to early Octoblock supporters while ensuring that invested capital remains actively involved throughout the ICO. 

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