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BlockDAG Presale’s 1000x ROI and $2 Million Mega Giveaway Beats AI Network Bittensor Token’s 90% Surge

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In a recent surge, AI network Bittensor’s crypto token TAO went up more than 90% as the market cap hit $3 million. Meanwhile, BlockDAG Crypto presale has become an overnight sensation by raising $1 million in 24 hours, pushing the BDAG price to the next level, where it trades now at $0.0015, a 50% surge in one hit. Let’s investigate the details and check what’s happening with TAO and why BDAG will shine with the potential to yield 1000x ROIs in 2024.

Bittensor: 90% Surge in Two Weeks

The Bittensor network’s token has been skyrocketing as the Opentensor Foundation, which created the protocol, seeks to provide an open-source alternative to the artificial intelligence arms race. 

Bittensor’s $TAO token has increased by more than 90% in the last two weeks, surpassing a $3 billion market cap on Tuesday, according to The Block’s Price Page. CoinGecko also said the token was up 12%, trading at $482.39 as of 12:51 p.m. ET.

A week ago, ETH founder Vitalek Buterin appeared to endorse Bittensor. In a blog post, Buterin stated that Bittensor provided a chance to stimulate the development of more robust AI through financial incentives. The Opentensor Foundation aims to mitigate the hazards of a few businesses dominating AI by stimulating the open-source development of thriving technology with monetary incentives.

BlockDAG: 3 Birds with One Stone 

As the Bittensor network aims to break the monopoly of AI technology by just a few companies, BlockDAG takes a similar endeavour to break the centralisation and help make crypto mining and trading available for everyone. The BlockDAG network uses a hybrid DAG and PoW consensus mechanism to make transactions easier, faster, and safer.

With this approach, BlockDAG hits many targets at once. First, it helps spread crypto trading and mining on a larger scale. Second, it reduces the impact of the mining industry on the environment. Last, it prevents any party from controlling the industry or taking the market for its sake. These three strengths are rated by experts to give BDAG its shot at realising 1000x ROIs in 2024.

BlockDAG’s Epic Presale and $2 Million Giveaway

The success of BlockDAG’s vision proved itself from the first steps when the BDAG Coin got in the list of top crypto presale. In the first presale batch, over $1 billion BDAG coins worth $1 million have been sold out in 24 hours. This early success drove BlockDAG to its batch 2 presale, currently trading at $0.0015, a 50% hop from its first price of $0.001 in batch 1.

In return, BlockDAG wanted to repay the community’s strong faith and support by announcing a $2 million mega giveaway. With this significant event, BlockDAG aims to reward 50 members of its community with massive cash prizes. All you have to do is ensure you follow their social media channels, submit your wallet address, complete all quests to increase chances, and get extra entries by bringing in friends. Later, BlockDAG will announce the winners on its platforms.

Time is Short, Gains are Big

As TAO, the AI network Bittensor’s token has grown by 90% in the last two weeks, it sends signs to the whole market for a potential investment. However, the great success made by BlockDAG presale did not leave a chance for anyone to consider the choices. Just in one move, the price jumped from 0.001 to 0.0015, which means that any investment has a great chance of doubling in no time. The $2 million mega giveaway is another absolutely gainful opportunity for those looking for short investments with significant gains, while the $600 commitment for 2024 hints at lucrative long-term investments for patient investors. BlockDAG has the best plan for everyone. 

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