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BlockDAG’s $28 Million Presale Soars, Outstripping Optimism and Notcoin, Thanks to Influencer Advocacy

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Notcoin and Optimism have felt the impact of BlockDAG which has rapidly ascended the ranks in the cryptocurrency market, powered by strong endorsements from influential figures like Token Galaxy. These influencers have spotlighted BlockDAG’s cutting-edge layer 1 technology, known for its exceptional speed, security, and scalability. Currently, in its 13th presale batch priced at $0.008 per coin, BlockDAG has successfully raised over $28 million by distributing more than 9.2 billion BDAG coins. This robust start not only sets the stage for a potential 30,000x ROI but also firmly positions BlockDAG as a pioneering force in blockchain technology.

Optimism Encounters Volatility Amid Market Challenges

Optimism, a layer 2 solution enhancing Ethereum scalability, has faced recent market volatility. Despite a 25% increase in its price last month to $2.59, it is battling resistance at the 200-day exponential moving average, hinting at possible bearish trends. A significant drop in trading volume by about 85% since March, coupled with a decline in daily active addresses, suggests that Optimism might experience further declines unless there’s a revival in trading activities.

Notcoin Prepares for High-Profile Listings and Major App Integration

The crypto community is abuzz with the imminent developments for Notcoin (NOT), which is set for listings on top exchanges such as Binance, OKX, and Bybit. A key upcoming feature is its integration with the Telegram Wallet app on May 16, enabling over 900 million users to seamlessly trade NOT tokens. This strategic move is expected to significantly enhance Notcoin’s visibility and functionality, incorporating features like peer-to-peer transactions and Wallet Pay within the app.

Token Galaxy Commends BlockDAG for Its Technological Excellence and Market Potential

Crypto influencer Token Galaxy has lauded BlockDAG for its advanced technology that rivals major players like Bitcoin and Kaspa. According to Galaxy, BlockDAG’s technology is ideally suited for high-scale DeFi applications due to its superior speed and scalability. His endorsement emphasizes the potential high returns for investors, with the presale progressing rapidly and the coin price anticipated to rise in the forthcoming batches.

Adding to its appeal, BlockDAG has introduced a low-code, no-code platform that simplifies creating meme coins and NFTs for users with minimal programming knowledge. This platform provides visual development tools and drag-and-drop options, streamlining the app development process and making it accessible to a wider audience, unlike more complex platforms like OutSystems and Mendix.

BlockDAG’s ongoing presale has been highly successful, raising a significant $28 million and an additional $2.6 million from miner sales. This strong market response underscores the demand for this innovative crypto project, indicating promising prospects for even higher returns as the presale advances.

Final Insights: BlockDAG’s Prominent Market Position and Future Prospects

BlockDAG distinguishes itself in the competitive crypto market through its state-of-the-art technology and impactful influencer endorsements. Not only does it surpass rivals like Optimism and Notcoin in current market developments, but it also sets a high standard for future growth. Investors seeking substantial 30,000x returns should consider the vast potential of BlockDAG’s $28 million presale, which is primed for explosive growth and extraordinary ROI possibilities.

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