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BlockDAG’s Presale Nears $11.6M, Leading Crypto Innovations Amid Litecoin’s User Surge and Immutable X Beta Launch

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As the cryptocurrency sector shows signs of recovery from its latest downturn, notable movements across various coins have captured the market’s attention. Litecoin (LTC) has seen a remarkable uptick in adoption, reaching over 8 million users, while Immutable X gears up for its anticipated Telikos beta launch. Amid these developments, BlockDAG (BDAG) is making significant strides in the presale domain, promising investors an astonishing 5000X return on investment.

Immutable X Prepares for Telikos Beta Launch

Immutable X, renowned for its Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum-based NFTs, is on the brink of launching the Telikos closed beta on April 1st. This development is set to revolutionize NFT transactions by offloading them from the Ethereum mainnet, facilitating increased transaction speed and reduced costs. This move is expected to support more extensive minting, trading, and NFT transactions, underscoring Immutable X’s commitment to improving blockchain scalability and utility.

Litecoin’s User Base Surpasses 8 Million

The Litecoin network recently celebrated a milestone, with the number of Litecoin users exceeding 8 million. This surge in users highlights Litecoin’s growing popularity and adoption, despite the fact that cryptocurrency prices do not reflect this growth proportionally. However, with Coinbase’s impending launch of a new Litecoin product, LTC has experienced a 9% price surge over the past week, indicating potential for further growth. Despite these gains, LTC remains the 21st-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

BlockDAG Emerges as a Presale Phenomenon

In the competitive landscape of cryptocurrency presales, BlockDAG has quickly risen as a standout, amassing $11.6 million in investments. The project’s ambition was spotlighted in a viral keynote video in Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, where BlockDAG outlined its vision to rank among the top 50 cryptocurrencies. This has spurred significant interest among early investors, with the project’s unique BDAG coins at the forefront of its digital economy strategy.

BlockDAG introduces a pioneering approach to crypto mining and spending, offering mining rigs capable of earning up to $100 daily and a crypto payment card accepted at 38 million outlets worldwide. This initiative paves the way for bridging the gap between the digital currency space and everyday financial transactions, positioning BlockDAG as a leading investment opportunity.

BlockDAG has launched a $2 million giveaway for 50 participants to engage its growing community further, incentivizing further investment and community participation through social media engagement and referrals. Currently priced at $0.0035 in its sixth presale batch, BDAG offers a promising investment opportunity with a projected listing price of $0.05, suggesting a significant return for early backers.


As Litecoin’s adoption continues to expand and Immutable X sets the stage for its Telikos beta, BlockDAG stands out with its presale success and innovative approach to crypto integration. With a potential 5000X ROI on the horizon, BlockDAG presents an unrivaled opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the evolving digital asset market. The combination of its mining solutions and the forthcoming crypto payment card illustrates BlockDAG’s commitment to making cryptocurrency a staple in daily financial activities, solidifying its position as the top crypto investment for the foreseeable future.

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