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Bloomberg Says Ethereum ETF Highly Likely in 2024; $GFOX Heads to Top ICO Spot  

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James Seyffart, Bloomberg ETF expert, believes the SEC had implicitly accepted $ETH as a commodity rather than a security when it approved Ethereum futures. The experts believe this is a green light to file Ethereum ETF, as it’s likely to be approved. 

The approval could positively impact the topmost altcoin’s price action, making it one of the top crypto coins to buy now. 

$GFOX is another crypto coin with a promising outlook. The Ethereum-based meme token is on presale, gaining massive adoption. Galaxy Fox aims to top the 2024 ICO spot, and much is expected of it beyond that. The buzzing altcoin could yield excellent profit for its early adopters, and willing investors can still benefit from it by joining the presale. 

Galaxy Fox: Bringing Meme Excellence to the Web3 Ecosystem 

Many new-generation meme coins employ a unique approach to ensure they stand out in the saturated meme sector. From choosing uncommon themes to pioneering unique utility, you’ll always find one thing that makes them incomparable to existing meme coins. This is vital in ensuring they’re widely adopted and prominent in the crypto market. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is the latest to follow this culture. 

The meme coin is fox-themed, which makes it the only one in the meme ecosystem with such a theme. Also, it has a hybrid meme-GameFi utility, which isn’t widespread in the crypto landscape. Galaxy Fox aims to be a useful token across different web3 spaces. It will perform designated functions on these platforms, and the increased adoption will improve the ERC-20 token’s value. 

In the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, $GFOX will be a medium of earning income for members of the ecosystem. The token holders can HODL for improved profit, stake it for reward, or buy game-boosting items with it to help their gameplay. The game on Galaxy Fox will be P2E. This means you can earn while enjoying the excitement of playing the game. Galaxy Fox will have a dedicated treasury to fund the prize pool for the game. 

The ecosystem’s runner game will involve players running against one another. The top performers will be on the leaderboard, and the top 20% will be rewarded with the $GFOX token. The more games you play, the more $GFOX you can win, and the more ability you have to buy in-game items and increase your winning chances. 

Galaxy Fox will also have NFTs that can function as characters in the ecosystem, increase your winning chances, and be valuable items in exchange for real-life money. This implies that each Galaxy Fox NFT could be a valuable asset you can trade on OpenSea or other open NFT platforms. Galaxy Fox developers design the $GFOX token for growth and sustainability. They employ a smart tokenomics system with a capped supply and a surge token burn strategy. This will improve the GFOX’s’ value. 

The buzzing meme coin is on presale, allowing investors to buy part of its available supply at a discounted price before hitting the wider market. The meme coin could be among the top crypto coins with impressive runs this year. 

ETHER Likely to Explode With Ethereum ETF  Approval

With Ethereum ETF looking likely, market observers believe paying more attention to $ETH is advisable. The high-value altcoin could experience an incredible price increase when the SEC finally approves. $ETH is currently hovering around $2,200 to $2,445 market price. The altcoin has endured a decline since the turn of the year, but its decline has been at a low rate. 

$ETH hopes to retest the $2,500 resistance zone in the coming weeks as it prepares to near the $3000 price zone. However, failure to break the nearest resistance could send the altcoin below $2,000. The crypto market’s general decline is rubbing off on $ETH, but experts believe that could change with $ETH ETF approval. SEC verdict on applied $ETH ETF verdict isn’t expected anytime soon, but analysts are still confident about its bullish potential. ETH remains the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and it could be among the profit-yielding top crypto coins this year.


While the crypto community awaits Ethereum ETF approval, the $GFOX token continues its impressive ICO performance. The budding meme coin is positioned for market success and is certain to be among the top gainers upon its launch. 

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

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