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$BNB Hits 2-Year High as Binance Gets Its Groove Back; This Memecoin Could 100X on Listing

$BNB Hits 2-Year High as Binance Gets Its Groove Back; This Memecoin Could 100X on Listing
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Is Binance back in the driver’s seat? Richard Teng is the new CEO, and while stepping into CZ’s shoes is an almost unimaginable undertaking, Binance Coin ($BNB) has hit a 2-year high as Binance gets its groove back.

A revival of $BNB indicates that a massive on-chain renaissance is brewing, and small caps are the best buys currently from an ROI perspective. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has smashed funding goals, cementing it as 2024’s hottest ICO, and this memecoin could 100X on listing. Are $BNB and $GFOX the top cryptos to buy right now?

Binance Coin ($BNB): Hits 2-Year High

Binance weathered the bear market and processed billions in withdrawals. As CZ always said, funds were in fact SAFU. But the long arm of the law landed on CZ, and he had to step down as part of a $4 billion settlement. Binance paid the fine and got back to business. This pay-to-play enforcement gave Binance the green light to continue doing business in the United States as a legitimate entity. Richard Teng is captain of the ship now, and Binance is getting its groove back.

$BNB has hit a two-year high, still retaining its spot among the top ten cryptocurrencies. What is driving this rally? Two central catalysts. First, the broader on-chain renaissance is lifting $BNB’s price as risk-taking becomes more popular. Second, performance. Coinbase has crashed multiple times in recent weeks, and traders are migrating to Binance. Nothing speaks louder than performance in a bull market, and Binance Coin has always traded in line with the general opinion on the centralized exchange.

Trading volumes are increasing on Binance, more transactions are being executed on the Binance Smart Chain, and $BNB is breaking out of a year-long consolidation range. $BNB is a top crypto to buy now. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) 100X Listing Incoming 

Galaxy Fox is rapidly closing in on its retail launch. Listed as one of this quarter’s top cryptos to buy right now and headed towards a 100X listing rally, early holders better hold onto their hats. Altcoins follow a well-worn path of a presale, DEX listing, and finally, CEX listing. An investor makes a greater or lesser profit depending on where they join.

The presale is the point of maximum financial opportunity, and $GFOX’s $4 million market cap looks ready to teleport into a billion-dollar project. Driving its incredible early momentum is the hybrid design. Galaxy Fox takes a classic memecoin build with all the genre’s leading tropes- a viral approach to branding and deflationary tokenomics- and incorporates a play-to-earn game. Galaxy Fox is one of the only tokens on the market that unlocks exposure to the memecoin and GameFi narratives.

Galaxy Fox’s P2E game is an endless runner that pays out prizes at the end of each season and integrates NFT functionality via stat upgrades for holders. However, it is the tokenomics model that makes this gem drastically undervalued and a 100X opportunity. Staking rewards funded via taxation have unlocked a unique new financial primitive: native yield on a deflationary asset. 

Closing Thoughts: Welcome the On-Chain Renaissance 

$BNB soaring is excellent news for DeFi, and the Galaxy Fox party is only just getting started. When payouts materialize, demand will go up, but new money will be chasing a declining supply. Price will be forced upwards aggressively.

Being listed as one of the top cryptos to buy right now is no joke, and all early buyers of $GFOX need to strap in for the 100X listing gains. Join this rocket-fueled journey today! 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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