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Bonk and Brett Prices Surging as New Solana Meme Coin Sealana is Tipped to Explode

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It’s been a big week for Solana meme coins, with several prominent tokens surging higher even as the price of Bitcoin falls. Doge-themed meme coin $BONK is up 31% in the past 48 hours, while the hot meme coin $BRETT is up nearly 10% in the last 12 hours alone.

The trend bodes extremely well for a new Solana meme coin, Sealana, that just launched its presale. The token raised more than $150,000 in its first 24 hours and looks set to be the next Solana meme coin to skyrocket.

Solana Meme Coins Shoot Higher, Propelling Bonk, Brett, and More

It’s not just $BONK and $BRETT that are surging this week—meme coins across the Solana ecosystem are riding high on a wave of trading activity. DogWifHat ($WIF), the largest meme coin on Solana, is up 28% in the past 2 days. Book of Meme ($BOME) is up 18%. Cat in a Dog’s World ($MEW) is up 31%.

All of these tokens have seen their trading volumes double to triple since last week, signaling that the pump could be serious. $BONK has so far come the closest to challenging its all-time high. If the energy around Solana meme coins continues at the current rate, we could see multiple Solana tokens set fresh highs.

The catalyst behind this sudden momentum is unclear. In fact, meme coins are rising at the same time that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana itself have pulled back on news that the US Federal Reserve won’t lower interest rates this month. Meme coins thrived even during the crypto winter, so it’s possible that traders are turning to these tokens in search of profits since there are few to be found this week in crypto majors.

In any case, the mood is extremely bullish, both on technical charts and on social media. The current situation bears a lot of resemblance to December 2023, when Solana meme coins first stormed the market and produced 100x gains for savvy traders.

Sealana ICO Gets Off to Strong Start – Next Big SOL Meme Coin?

Amid this trading frenzy, a new seal-themed Solana meme coin called Sealana is making a splash with its just-launched presale. The project raised more than $150,000 in sales of its $SEAL token within 24 hours of launching.

The $SEAL token is pure meme coin—it offers no staking and no utility, just a hilariously fat pizza-eating seal with viral potential. The mascot’s backstory indicates that he used to be thin, but gave into eating pizza and chips after becoming a degen diving in the “Solana Sea.” It’s the kind of story that Solana meme coin traders are sure to love.

Traders can lock in $SEAL right now at a price of 6,900 $SEAL per 1 $SOL on the project’s presale platform. Alternatively, traders can send $SOL directly to Sealana’s wallet address to receive airdropped tokens at the end of the presale.

The project doesn’t provide information about its tokenomics, presale hard cap, or roadmap, so traders simply have to trust in Sealana’s explosive meme potential if they want to profit from a potential pump when the token hits exchanges. Considering the massive tailwind in the Solana meme coin market this week, that could prove to be an extremely good bet.

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